Creating notification rules for SurePrep documents

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Follow these steps to create SurePrep notification rules after setting up SurePrep integration features. (Administrative privileges required.)

SurePrep notification rules allow the transfer of indexed documents from GoFileRoom to SurePrep. You must set up SurePrep notification rules for adding, deleting, and re-indexing documents to ensure that GoFileRoom documents are properly sent to SurePrep.

  1. Click the Home link in the GoFileRoom toolbar.

    Note: To view the GoFileRoom Home screen, you must have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your computer.

    1. When prompted, click the Click now to install button and follow the additional prompts.
    2. When the installation is complete, press the F5 key to refresh your browser.
  2. Click the Actions button in the Notification Rules portlet and choose New from the drop-down list.

    Note: If you do not see the Notification Rules portlet, you can add it to the Home screen.

  3. Click the Document rule checkbox in the Rules Wizard and click Next.
  4. Mark the when a document is added checkbox and click Next.
  5. Mark the In the drawer checkbox, click the drawer link in the preview pane, select the Clients drawer, and click OK.
  6. Mark a with a property containing specific words checkbox.
  7. Click the property link in the preview pane, select Document Type from the drop-down list, and click OK.
  8. Click the specified words link in the preview pane, select SUREPREP SOURCE DOCUMENTS in the top pane, click OK, and then click Next.
  9. Click the send notification to me checkbox and then click Finish.
  10. Name this rule "SurePrep source document added," verify that the Make this rule available to other people? checkbox is unmarked, and click OK.
  11. Repeat this procedure twice with the following exceptions to create the "SurePrep source document deleted" and "SurePrep source document reindexed" notification rules.
    • In step 4, mark the when a document is deleted checkbox. In step 10, name the rule SurePrep source document deleted.
    • In step 4 mark the when a document is reindexed checkbox. In step 10. name the rule SurePrep source document reindexed.
  12. Optional: In the Notification Rules pane, clear the checkboxes in the email email notification icon and alert alert notification icon columns for each SurePrep notification rule.

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