Accessing RecordsFlow

Alerts and notices

If you have administrative privileges or are a member of the Records Managers group, you can access RecordsFlow by choosing Administration > Manage RecordsFlow from the GoFileRoom toolbar.


  • The RecordsFlow Document list displays 20 items at a time and can span multiple pages. You can jump to a page by entering the desired page number in the Page field.
  • You can sort the RecordsFlow Document list by clicking the column headers. For example, you can sort using the Document Date column so that the most recently deleted documents are listed on the first page.
  • You can export the recycling bin document list as a CSV file that you can use with Microsoft Excel. To do so, click the Export as a CSV file button in the Manage RecordsFlow screen. Note that this feature is available only when the RecordsFlow document list is less than 10,000 rows.

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