Creating document retention policies

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Note: Only authorized users can create document policies.

The creation and execution of a GoFileRoom document policy spans two days. Because documents can be purged, we recommend that you use caution when creating policies.


  • Documents covered by a Keep policy are not purged, even if part of a purge policy.
  • Documents covered by multiple conflicting purge policies (for example, delete if older than three years and delete if older than seven years) will use the policy for the longer period (seven years in the previous example).
  • There are no special considerations for archived documents or document IDs that have Indexed, Barcoded, or Scanned statuses. These kinds of archived documents will be permanently deleted if associated with a purge policy.

Follow these steps to create a document retention policy.

  1. Choose Administration > Manage RecordsFlow from the GoFileRoom toolbar, and then click the Policy Management tab.
  2. Select a drawer to which this policy will apply from the drop-down list for the Drawer field.
  3. Choose the policy type from the Policy Type field.
  4. Enter a name for the policy in the Policy Name field ("Purge after 7 years," for example).
  5. Configure policy rules by selecting the index criteria in the right pane of the Policy Management tab.

    Note: When configuring policies, you can use wildcards, select multiple values, and use "older than" or "younger than" criteria.

  6. After selecting the index criteria for the policy, click the Save button.
  7. Two Records Managers must enter their authorization credentials in the dialog that opens. Click OK after both Records Managers have entered their credentials.

    Note: Overnight processing is required to identify documents affected by the new policy. The Policy Preview feature will not be available for the new policy until initial processing is complete.

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