Restoring deleted documents

Alerts and notices

If you have administrative privileges, you can restore deleted documents by following these steps.

  1. Choose Administration > Manage RecordsFlow.
  2. Select the desired drawer from the Drawer drop-down list.
  3. In the Documents grid, mark the checkboxes for the documents you want to restore.

    Note: You can select up to 20 documents at a time.

  4. Right-click and choose Restore Document(s) from the context menu. Click OK to restore the document.


  • Restoring documents requires the approval of one administrator or record manager.
  • Documents that were deleted from the current drawer during the previous year are listed in the Documents section of the Recycle Management tab in the Manage RecordsFlow screen. Documents that were permanently purged will not appear anywhere in RecordsFlow Module as they are not recoverable.
  • Deleted documents are also listed in the Document Tracking report.

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