Adding scanned pages to a PDF currently in GoFileRoom

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Follow these steps to append a PDF document in GoFileRoom with additional scanned pages.

  1. Perform a search in GoFileRoom to locate the PDF to which you want to add scanned pages.
  2. In the Search Results grid, mark the checkbox for the desired PDF.
  3. Right-click and choose Append Pages to PDF from the context menu.
  4. Print the Append Barcode cover page and place it on top of the paper documents to be added to the PDF.
  5. Scan the paper documents into GoFileRoom via the Scan station.


  • When attempting to append multiple documents to the same original document, the first scanned document will be merged. Subsequent scanned documents are created as new documents in GoFileRoom with the same index values as the original document.
  • If a PDF document is checked out when you try to append it with scanned pages, the appended document is released to GoFileRoom as a read-only document until the original document is checked in. The two documents are then merged.
  • If a PDF has Acrobat security applied to it, GoFileRoom uploads the scanned append document as a separate document with same indexes as the original document.
  • GoFileRoom converts files scanned in as TIFF files to PDF.

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