Working with Adobe bookmarks in GoFileRoom

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Follow these steps to add predefined or page-level bookmarks to a PDF stored in GoFileRoom.

  1. Perform a search for the PDF document to which you want to add predefined bookmarks.
  2. In the Search Results screen, mark the checkbox for the desired document, right-click, and choose Edit from the context menu.
  3. Click the appropriate link more information.
    1. Click the Create Predefined Bookmark Lists button.

      Note: If your firm has multiple predefined bookmark lists that could apply to this document, select a predefined bookmark list in the dialog that opens and click OK.

      The predefined bookmarks are added to the Adobe Bookmark pane.

    2. Drag and drop pages beneath the appropriate predefined bookmarks.

      Note: To ensure that the pages are moved in the correct order when moving multiple pages, begin your selection from the top page then proceed to the bottom page. Selecting pages from the bottom page to the top will reverse the order of the pages under the target predefined bookmark.

    3. Click the Save to GoFileRoom button.
    1. Click the Create Page Bookmark button.

      Page-level bookmarks are created for each page in the current PDF.

    2. Click the Save to GoFileRoom button.

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