Adding notes to documents stored in GoFileRoom

Alerts and notices

If you have editing permissions, you can add notes to GoFileRoom documents in the GoFileRoom viewer.

  1. Open a document in the GoFileRoom viewer.
  2. Click the Notes button in the GoFileRoom viewer toolbar.
  3. In the dialog that opens, choose New Note from the drop-down list above the Notes pane. Any previously added notes also appear in this list.
  4. Click in the Notes pane and enter the note text.
  5. Click the Save Note button and click Close.


  • Index values for the current document are displayed in the lower left of the dialog.
  • You can delete a note that you created by selecting the note from the drop-down list and clicking the Delete Note button.
  • A red Notes button in the GoFileRoom viewer indicates that the current document contains notes.
  • If the Notes button does not appear in the viewer, you do not have permission to create notes. See your firm's administrator for details.

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