Adding LotusNotes emails in GoFileRoom

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Note: The GoFileRoom Upload Documents Service is required for adding Lotus Notes emails in GoFileRoom.

Follow these steps to import Lotus Notes emails into GoFileRoom.

  1. In Lotus Notes, open the email you want to add to GoFileRoom.
  2. Click the Import to GoFileRoom button in the GoFileRoom toolbar.
  3. In the Import to GoFileRoom dialog, click the Add As Single File (.MSG). If the message has attachments, you may want to click the Add As Separate Files option.

    Note: Adding the email and its attachments as separate files enables users to index the attachments and message body as separate documents in GoFileRoom.

  4. In the Add email Documents dialog, Enter index information for the email (and attachments, if you are adding the email and its attachments as separate files).
  5. Click Done.

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