Creating Outlook folders for ControlPanel profiles

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The GoFileRoom ControlPanel allows you to create Outlook folders for your ControlPanel profiles. When you drag and drop email messages into such an Outlook folder, the messages and attachments are indexed according to the profile and added to GoFileRoom.

Follow these steps to create an Outlook folder for a ControlPanel profile.

  1. Open the ControlPanel and click the Profiles tab.
  2. Select the desired profile from the Profile Name drop-down list.
  3. Click the Settings Settings button button.
  4. Mark the Add profile to GoFileRoom folder in Outlook checkbox.
  5. Choose a default option for how messages and attachments should be stored. You can choose to save them as a single file (.msg) or as separate files in GoFileRoom.
    • Add As Single File (.MSG): If you click this option, the email is imported into GoFileRoom as an MSG file. The imported file maintains its email characteristics in GoFileRoom. You will be able to reply to the imported email, forward it, view the recipient list, and so on.
    • Add As Separate Files: If you click this option, the email is imported as separate files for the email and any attachments. You will be able to index each component as a separate document. The message body is imported as a text file. Attachments are imported in their native format.

    To view these options every time you drag files to the Outlook folder for this profile, mark the Show these options each time checkbox.

  6. Click Save in the toolbar to save your changes to this profile.

Your profile folders are created in a GoFileRoom folder in your Outlook Mailbox. The Outlook folder name will match the name of the profile in the ControlPanel.

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