Editing GoFileRoom documents offline

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The ControlPanel includes an offline mode that allows users who are disconnected from the internet to access local versions of files stored in GoFileRoom.

This process is not intended to be used with Word, Excel, or PDF documents. For those file types, you should use Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat to return files to GoFileRoom.

Local files that are checked out can be accessed offline. You can now edit and save files locally and upload them to GoFileRoom when connected.

To use offline mode, follow these steps.

  1. Open the GoFileRoom ControlPanel and click the Work Offline button.
  2. In the Local Files tab, double-click the desired file in the list of documents to open it for viewing or editing.
  3. Make changes to the file as needed, save it, and close the file.
  4. When reconnected to the internet, log in to GoFileRoom from the ControlPanel, select the file in the Local Files tab, and click the Save to GoFileRoom button.

    Files are uploaded and checked back in to GoFileRoom before being removed from the local files list.


  • To use offline mode, the GoFileRoom Client Add-In must be installed on the user's computer. This Add-In includes the ControlPanel.
  • As with the previous version of the ControlPanel, multiple files can be checked back in to GoFileRoom at the same time.

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