Editing Word and Excel files from within GoFileRoom

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Follow these steps to edit a Word or Excel document stored in GoFileRoom.

Note: To perform these steps, you must have permission for editing drawers.

  1. Open the desired document in the GoFileRoom viewer.
  2. Click the Edit button in the viewer toolbar to open the document in its source application for editing.


    • You can also open a Word or Excel document for editing from the Search Results screen by marking the checkbox for the desired document, right-clicking, and choosing Edit Document from the context menu.
    • If another user has the same Word or Excel file open in Edit-Mode, a message will open indicating that user's ID. You will not be able to edit the document until that user saves it to GoFileRoom.
    • Document indexes are listed in the title bar of the source application.
  3. Close the document when you are finished editing.
  4. In the GoFileRoom Office dialog that opens, click one of the following save options.
    • Save to GoFileRoom: If version control has been enabled for your organization, you can save the document as a new version. To do so, mark the As new version (v2) checkbox and add a description in the Description field.
    • Save changes locally
    • Ignore changes
  5. Click OK.

Note: Save changes often when working in documents from within their source application.

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