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Each document that you store in GoFileRoom must be indexed. Proper indexing ensures that all documents are stored with the appropriate information so that you can easily locate them. Required index fields are indicated with asterisks (*).


  • Index fields that are required vary based on the current file section and document type. GoFileRoom Support maintains the list of required index fields for your firm. Please contact our Support team to make any adjustments to that list.
  • If you are submitting tax workpapers for SurePrep processing, you must choose SurePrep Source Documents as the document type. We also recommend the best practice of adding a description to identify the document as a SurePrep document.

The GoFileRoom ControlPanel Add-In allows you to create indexing profiles so that you can upload multiple folders or files at once. GoFileRoom stores the batch of documents based on the indexing information you specify when you create the profile.

To specify a particular drawer in which the document should be filed, select a drawer from the Drawer drop-down list above the index fields.

Using sticky fields

Sticky Fields are index fields that retain their values. To designate a field as a sticky field, mark the adjacent checkbox. For example, if you mark the checkbox for the Client Name field when adding a document for Ruth Chase, the next time you add a document, CHASE, RUTH will appear in the Client Name field.

Note: Sticky fields become standard fields again when you manually clear the checkboxes, click the Clear button, or log out of GoFileRoom.

Using lookup lists

When adding documents, you may be able to select existing document index values from a lookup list. If a lookup list is available for an index field, a lookup list button Lookup list button appears to the right of the field.

Follow these steps to populate an index field using a lookup list.

  1. Enter at least the first letter or number of the value you wish to use.

    Note: You can include wildcards (*) to retrieve lookup values in Classic Search.

  2. Click the lookup list button to open the associated lookup list.
  3. Click an item in the table to add related index data to the index section of the current screen.

Recalling index values

To save time when indexing documents in GoFileRoom, you can reload the index values that were most recently entered.

To recall index values from within GoFileRoom, click the Recall Index button in the Add Documents screen.

To recall index values when adding documents in the ControlPanel, click the Recall Indexes Recall Indexes button button.

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