Managing email contacts in GoFileRoom

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In addition to allowing you to email documents from within GoFileRoom, GoFileRoom provides features for maintaining a list of email contacts.

Follow these steps to manage email contacts in GoFileRoom.

  1. Open a document in the GoFileRoom viewer.
  2. Click the GFR eMail button in the viewer toolbar.
  3. In the email a Document dialog, click the To button.
  4. In the Contacts dialog that opens, you can add, modify, import, export, and delete email contacts.


  • The contact list is sorted with the Contact Name column in ascending order by default. However, you can sort the list by clicking any other column header. Click once to sort in ascending order and click a second time to sort in descending order.
  • You can hover the cursor over any row in the contact list to view contact details.

Click any of the following links for details on managing email contacts in the Contacts dialog.

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