Re-indexing documents stored in GoFileRoom

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If you have access privileges for editing GoFileRoom documents, you can re-index up to 150 documents at a time.


  • You'll need to close documents that are checked out and save them back to GoFileRoom to be able to re-index them.
  • You must remove the archive status from archived documents prior to re-indexing them.
  1. Perform a search for the document for which you want to modify index values.

    Note: This feature is currently available only when using classic search features.

  2. In the search results list, mark the checkbox for the desired document.

    Note: You can select up to 150 documents for re-indexing purposes. The index value you change will be changed for all selected documents.

  3. Right-click and choose Re-Index Documents from the context menu.
  4. Modify index values as needed in the Re-Index Documents pane.


    • Though required fields are identified with asterisks (*), each field does not require re-indexing.
    • If you are submitting tax workpapers for SurePrep processing, you must choose SurePrep Source Documents as the document type. We also recommend the best practice of adding a description to identify the document as a SurePrep document.
  5. Click the OK button.

    Note: The OK button does not appear if you do not have access privileges for modifying indexes.

  6. Click OK to proceed with re-indexing and click OK to close the confirmation dialog that opens.

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