Adding a user for GoFileRoom security

If you have administrative privileges, you can add a new user to GoFileRoom by following these steps.

  1. Choose Administration > Manage Users & Groups from the GoFileRoom toolbar.
  2. In the Users tab, select Add New User from the Select User field.
  3. Complete the setup for this user as follows:
    Setting Action
    Login Enter the user's email address in this field.

    Note: Logins can not exceed 45 characters and must be in a valid email format. For example,

    Full Name Enter the user's full name in this field. We recommend using the Last name, First name format.
    Password Enter the user's case-sensitive password into this field.


    • Passwords cannot match any of the previous ten passwords for a given user.
    • New passwords cannot contain a previous password. Example.
      If your previous password was password1, password10 would not be accepted but password2 would be accepted.
      For more information, see Managing GoFileRoom password settings
    Verify Password Enter the same password into this field for verification.
    User must change password at next logon Mark this checkbox to require a user to change their password the next time they log on.

    Note: This checkbox is marked by default for security purposes. If you mark this checkbox for a user who is a restricted drawer owner, GoFileRoom removes the drawer ownership for that user.

    Account expires on If this will be a temporary account that expires automatically, mark this checkbox and select an expiration date and time for this account. The account will not be useable after the specified date and time but will remain as an unlicensed, inactive account.

    Note: A disabled user account retains group memberships for future use.

    Allow access to reports If the user is authorized to view management reports, you can mark this checkbox to allow the user to view a document's audit history. Click the Reports button and specify the reports that this user is authorized to view. We recommend that you specify to allow or deny access for each report. If a user inherits report security privileges from a group and also has individual report security access, the user will have the individual report security level of access only.
    Allow user to work offline Mark this checkbox allow this user to export more than one document at a time or to use the Copy to Laptop feature. See Working with GoFileRoom documents offline for more details.
    Multi-factor Authentication If multi-factor authentication is optional for your firm, mark this checkbox to enable it for this user.
    Upload Location To assign a specific document upload location for this user, choose an available upload location from this field.


    • Upload locations are set up using the GoFileRoom Upload Documents Service.
    • To configure upload locations, choose the Administration > Manage Configurations > Locations tab and specify the universal naming convention (UNC) name for the location where documents will be stored temporarily until the GoFileRoom Upload Documents service adds the file into GoFileRoom. We recommend that your firm configure upload locations at the user level. If you do not select a location, this functionality is disabled and the default location is not used.
    License Type Select the Dedicated or Concurrent in this field.

    Users who are assigned a dedicated license will have no access restrictions to GoFileRoom regardless of how many other users are logged in. You can assign up to the number of dedicated licenses your firm owns.

    Users assigned a concurrent license share a pool of licenses . When a user with a concurrent license logs into GoFileRoom, they borrow a license (if available) from the pool for that login session. When all available concurrent licenses are being used, the next individual to log into the application is denied access to GoFileRoom. There are no restrictions to the number of users who can be assigned a concurrent license . However, users should be sure to log out of GoFileRoom when they are done with a session to make GoFileRoom accessible to other users who need to access it.

    FirmFlow User Mark this checkbox to specify if this user requires a FirmFlow license.
    FirmFlow Routing Notification (User) Mark this checkbox to enable FirmFlow email notification for this user. The user will receive an email with a link to the FirmFlow module when a folder is routed to them.
    FirmFlow Routing Notification (Groups) Mark this checkbox to enable FirmFlow email notification at the group level for this user. The user will receive an email with a link to the FirmFlow module when a folder is routed to the routing pools to which they belong
    User Administration Mark this checkbox to specify whether this user can manage other user accounts. Access to administrative tools by users with this security privilege is limited to user security settings.


    • You can use this feature to alleviate account management from the IT department by delegating it to the company's administrative manager.
    • A user who is a member of the Administrators group cannot have the User Administration checkbox marked
    AdvanceFlow User Mark this checkbox to allow the user to access AdvanceFlow.
  4. Add the user to any appropriate groups by selecting items in the Groups pane and clicking the right arrow button. The selected groups appear in the Member Of pane

    Note: If a user belongs to multiple groups, they will have access privileges of the most restrictive group. (Does not apply to FirmFlow)

  5. Click Save to add the new user to the GoFileRoom database.

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