GoFileRoom Release User Bulletin, August 1, 2022

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Client Add-In version 22.1.10 is now available

We recommend that you install the latest version of the GoFileRoom Client Add-in with this release.

GoFileRoom and AdvanceFlow supports the current, and one prior version of the Client Add-In. If your firm experiences any issues, verify your users have the latest version of the Client Add-In installed.

To download an Add-In, select your name on any GoFileRoom screen and choose the desired Add-In from the drop-down list.

  • We've addressed an issue where in certain events, that would lead to GoFileRoom Document edits (made within Excel, Word, PDF’s) to intermittently fail to save and retain recent changes to the document when selecting Save to GoFileRoom.
  • We've addressed a limitation when copying formulas and other spreadsheet content between Microsoft Excel instances.
  • We've resolved certain situations where Excel documents would not open and no error was provided. The behavior would open Excel in Task Manager, and in the "background processes" but nothing else visually took place. xls, xlsxn and xlsm file extensions now perform as expected.
  • The GoFileRoom ControlPanel displayed an error message, “Changes were made to the current profile.” This erroneous message is no longer displayed.
  • We've addressed an issue that prevented adding certain e-mail formats from Outlook to GoFileRoom.
  • When in Outlook, and leveraging the Attach GoFileRoom Document(s) option, an error “Script Error: An error has occurred in the script on this page” displayed. This selection is now performing as expected.

Check Uninstalling and reinstalling the GoFileRoom Client Add-In to assist with your installation.


  • Application performance optimization remains top priority for Thomson Reuters. We've made several modifications to assure GoFileRoom and AdvanceFlow stability. These are proactive measures to both supporting servers and the application’s code that will contribute to a better experience.
  • The July 5, 2022 release of GoFileRoom introduced a problem and mistakenly required the Assign to person field when routing a workflow to Complete. This resulted in an error stating "Enter Required Fields" when trying to complete a workflow, even though all mandatory fields were completed. We've addressed this problem and appreciate your patience while we resolved this issue.
  • We've addressed an issue in the Search Documents > Classic Search that impacted Saved Search. An error messages displayed, “No Documents Found” when results should have been produced. This has been corrected and the Save Search features is now working as expected.
  • GoFileRoom Notifications and email alerts failed to send notices when the Rule was configured for the recipient as a Group. Notification Rules and alerts will now generate emails to the selected Group as expected.
  • We've updated the GoFileRoom System Requirements to include:
    • Windows 11 and Server 2019 as supported Operating Systems
    • Chrome as our recommend browser, now that Internet Explorer has been discontinued by Microsoft.
    • The 32-bit version of Adobe Acrobat is required to take advantage of integration and other features within GoFileRoom. 64-bit versions are currently not supported.
    • Check our System Requirements.

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