GoFileRoom Release User Bulletin, November 30, 2020

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Special Information: Email Delivery Change

In response to customer feedback and to ensure consistency with updated email standards across Thomson Reuters, all emails generated from GoFileRoom will no longer appear to come from your firm domain (aka spoofing).

  • What's changing? With this change, the sender address for all emails coming from GoFileRoom will now be no-reply@thomsonreuters.com. For email types generated from GoFileRoom, such as FirmFlow routing notifications and Home Page notification rules (including NetClient and Client Center notifications), your firm name will appear as the display name.
  • Why? Before this change, email notifications looked like they were coming from your firm, but they were coming from Thomson Reuters. Many ISPs and email systems flag spoofed emails as potential spam, so these emails were often caught in filters. This change will allow emails to clear the filters and be delivered successfully while ensuring your firms’ branding is prominently maintained.
  • What do I need to do? Likely nothing. As a part of this change, we’ve added a new Firm Name field on the Administration | Manage Configurations | Email Settings page and pre-populated it for you, but any GoFileRoom Administrator in your firm can update this field as needed.

Special Information: Upload Account Management Change

All GoFileRoom customers will be responsible for setting the password they wish to use for the upload account.

  • What’s an Upload Account? All GoFileRoom customers have an upload account labeled upload@yourfirm.com associated with their firm database. You can use this account with various utilities for the application such as the Lookup List utility, File Importer utility, FirmFlow API utility, and the Upload Service.
  • What’s changing? Previously selected Thomson Reuters support team members could provide the upload account password to authorized customer contacts. Thomson Reuters no longer maintains a record of this password, so each customer will now be responsible for setting the password they wish to use for this account.
  • Why? To provide better security related to your GoFileRoom upload account.
  • What do I need to do? If your firm does not wish to change the upload account password, then no action is required at this time. If your firm wishes to change the upload account password, see Manage your firm's upload account. Your firm will also need to change the password on any utilities which are currently setup including Lookup List Sync Utility, File Importer Utility, FirmFlow API utility, and the Upload Service.

New Feature: Single Sign-On (SSO)

Many customers were asking for SSO, and we listened. We're pleased to announce the initial release of Single Sign-On for GoFileRoom with this update.

  • What is SSO? Single Sign-On (SSO) is a user authentication method that enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites using just one set of credentials.
  • What’s changing? For customers who aren’t ready to use SSO right away (or ever), nothing – you and your staff will continue to log in to GoFileRoom as normal. For interested customers who have implemented a SAML 2.0-compatible SSO provider, you’ll now have the option to utilize SSO with GoFileRoom.
  • Why? Single Sign-On makes it easier for administrators to give and revoke access to your GoFileRoom database and improve the overall security of your firm. When SSO is enabled, users will only be able to access GoFileRoom with their SSO credentials (unless they are a GoFileRoom Administrator who can optionally bypass SSO). Further, your firm can take advantage of the following benefits:
    • Your staff can access GoFileRoom seamlessly.
    • They will no longer need to remember their login credentials, as they are managed by your Identity Provider.
    • You’ll reduce the number of usernames and passwords your staff require, which can reduce work delays and password assistance requests to your internal & Thomson Reuters support teams.
  • For details, see this GoFileRoom Single Sign-On article to learn more about enabling this feature for your firm.

Other Changes

Client Add-in version 20.0.6

A new version of the GoFileRoom local add-in package has been released along with this update. This new release contains the following changes:

  • Microsoft Word and Excel
    • With this version of the Client Add-in, you may experience an improvement in performance while editing Microsoft Word and Excel files.
  • Control Panel and QuickLaunch
    • With this update, Control Panel and QuickLaunch can be run by local non-administrators. Previously, users without local administrator privileges were unable to login successfully to GoFileRoom through Control Panel and QuickLaunch.

    Reminder: GoFileRoom supports the current and one prior version of the Client Add-in. For details, see GoFileRoom Add-ins.

Document Search

The following updates have been made to the Document Search page:

  • Text Searching is now available from the Document Search Index page. Now you may narrow your document search results by entering partial or full words within the Find Text search criteria field. All PDFs with matching results will display. Previously, this feature only worked from the Classic Search page. Note: Wild cards are not required for partial matches.
  • Exporting Document Search results should now work as expected. Previously, if an unsupported character was contained in the indexes of a file selected for export, then the export would fail. With this release the unsupported characters will be replaced with a space and the export document feature will work as expected.

Classic Search

You are now able to export search results as expected. Previously, if the search criteria included a text search, the results could not be exported without error.

Home | My Documents

Options for Redaction, Approve Distribution, and Versioning will only display in the My Documents grid if they are enabled for your database. Previously, the disabled options for Redaction, Approve Distribution, and Versioning would display in the My Documents grid, but could not be selected successfully.

Home | Notification Rules

When creating a notification rule, the recipient option is no longer checked by default. Previously Send notification to me was checked by default.

Lookup List Sync Utility

The Lookup List Sync Utility will no longer allow the import of a duplicate entry in the list. Previously, the utility was not syncing as expected and removing the duplicate client entries from the client list. If you are experiencing duplicate entries, then you may need to export then import the Lookup List to fully resolve the issue.

GoFileRoom POST User API

The Get User Info API was replaced by a new Post User API and updated to allow email addresses with the "+" symbol. Information about the updated API, along with more details about all GoFileRoom APIs, can be found in the Thomson Reuters Developer Portal, https://developerportal.thomsonreuters.com/.

FirmFlow API Utility version 2.2.5

The following updates have been made to the FirmFlow API Utility:

  • The FirmFlow API Utility has been updated to use the new Post User API as described above.
  • The version of the utility can now be found in the FirmFlow API Utility Properties | Details tab | within the Comments.

FirmFlow Deliverables

The deliverables list search results are no longer case sensitive. When running a search, the results will return all matches regardless of the case used in the list.

FirmFlow reports

Previously, reports run with a “Completed By” in the Search Criteria would not find results. This has been resolved.

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