GoFileRoom Release User Bulletin, February 8, 2021

Did you know?
  • If you are looking for a specific update, but it doesn't appear in this bulletin, try checking the GoFileRoom Alerts & notices article.
  • You can check the status of your online applications and services (such as CS Connect and Virtual Office CS) via our Online Product Status Page.

Login screen

  • We've added a link to the Thomson Reuters System Status page, where you can see the real-time status of GoFileRoom and all of our hosted solutions at-a-glance, and subscribe to alerts when statuses change.

Main menu

  • We've removed the NEW flags from the Home and Document Search screens.

Home screen

  • We have removed unnecessary scroll bars from the Home page.
  • Column widths in the My Alerts, My Documents, My Tasks and Notification Rules grids on the Home screen can now be adjusted and will be retained for each user.
  • We have enabled the ability to leave the password field blank when using the Email Using Outlook - Zip option if Secure PDF is enabled but not mandatory in your Administration settings.
  • Changes made to Notification Rules on the Home screen when using Internet Explorer will be properly saved.

Document Search

  • When publishing documents to NetClient portals via ClientFlow, disabled portal users will no longer appear in the Publish confirmation window.
  • We've removed the unnecessary option to expand the Document Date/Time and Description fields on the Index Search view.
  • We have added the ability to use keyboard shortcuts in all the index fields in the Index Search view.
  • The Document Explorer view will properly refresh and show a zero results message when appropriate.
  • When merging documents from the Document Search screen, document IDs will now be properly recorded in Document History.
  • Search results now remain visible after running a search and switching between Index Search and Document Explorer views.
  • Sticky fields and value settings will now be retained when switching between different drawers.
  • The Settings menu will now display properly when using a display setting of 1920x1080 from the Document Search > Document Explorer view.

Classic Search

  • We've restored the ability to save searches from the Classic Search screen when using Chrome.
  • Changes will now be saved while reindexing documents from the Classic Search menu when using Internet Explorer.


  • We've increased the print quality when printing to PDF or paper from Preview in Chrome.
  • We've revised our handling of HTML/HTM files stored in GoFileRoom so that they will export properly and will no longer be incorrectly flagged as unsafe.
  • When Previewing documents in Chrome, you can now extract and download selected pages from the thumbnail panel in Preview mode.
  • When exporting a document from within the Preview pane option, an 'Exported' event will now be tracked in the Document History.
  • We have added the ability to easily click through pages using page arrows when Previewing documents.
  • When sending documents using the Email using GoFileRoom option, the user name of the sender will now appear in the From field along with the no-reply@thomsonreuters.com email address.


  • All changes will now be properly saved when creating or modifying RecordsFlow policies when using Chrome.

FirmFlow Reports

  • When attempting to take action on list items in Deliverable-related FirmFlow report results, the checkbox will now stay selected and the right-click menu will properly appear.
  • Reordering columns in the Set Preferences menu when viewing Bulk Import FirmFlow reports on screen will now function properly for all users.
  • Sorting in ascending or descending order by column headers in the Due Date (by Deliverable) report is now functioning properly across all pages.
  • The Tracking Report (by Workflow) and Tracking Report (by Deliverable) will properly run and display results for all columns.

FirmFlow Notifications

  • FirmFlow administrators can now add the Received From field to routing notification subject and content fields within the Administration > Manage FirmFlow > Notification Settings tab.

Manage FirmFlow

  • All changes made on the Configuration tab in Manage FirmFlow when using Chrome will be properly saved.

Other changes

In the coming months, you may begin to see pop-ups in GoFileRoom asking about various aspects of your experience using the system. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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