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GoFileRoom is a secure, web-based, and cost-effective document management application that enables you to add speed and efficiency to your daily workflow. GoFileRoom provides the ability to store any type of document with user-defined indexes, to quickly locate stored documents, to add annotations to documents for others to view, to email stored documents as a link or attachment, to edit Microsoft Word and Excel files, and more.

The following information provides a summary of the main areas and procedures in GoFileRoom and provides instructions for performing common tasks such as scanning documents, navigating in GoFileRoom, and accessing your firm's documents.


Multi-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security for your firm's confidential data, which is stronger and more secure than a simple password. The addition of at least one more layer of identity verification protects you against hacking and fraud attempts. For details, see GoFileRoom multi-factor authentication overview.

Application update information

User Bulletins. Regular release bulletins provide information about the latest changes—including Add-in updates—and enhancements for GoFileRoom. For details, see GoFileRoom user bulletins.

Performing administrative tasks

The following articles provide information about common administrative tasks in GoFileRoom.

Setting up the application

Important first steps for users with administrative permissions responsible for setting up workstations with GoFileRoom.

  • Verify that GoFileRoom system requirements have been met.
  • Configure your internet browser.
  • Install the appropriate GoFileRoom Add-Ins. For details, see GoFileRoom setup
  • Add-Ins. GoFileRoom Add-Ins enable you to integrate with other applications such as, Microsoft Office applications, Adobe Acrobat applications, and more. For details, see GoFileRoom Add-Ins.
  • Security and permissions. Users with administrative permissions can add and modify individual users and groups, disable user accounts, and more. For details, see Managing users and groups.

GoFileRoom access and configuration

The following aticles will help you to better organize your firm's documents and make it easier to navigate to your documents.

  • Log into the application. After the administrator has implemented the setup tasks, you are ready to log into the application. For details, see Accessing GoFileRoom
  • Start screen. You can choose the default screen that opens each time that you open GoFileRoom. For details, see Choosing a start screen.
  • Home screen. You can quickly access workflow-related tools and features from one customizable screen that enables you to add and remove portlets, as needed. For details, see Accessing your assigned work from the Home screen.
  • Preferences. You can change your password, set up email notifications for workflows to which you are assigned, and specify navigation preferences. For details, see Managing your preferences.

Performing common tasks in GoFileRoom

The following articles provide information about how to manage documents and workflows in GoFileRoom, including instructions for adding and indexing documents, and for electronically routing workpapers and work assignments.

  • Adding documents. The Adding documents to GoFileRoom article consists of a list links to articles that provide information about adding different types of documents to GoFileRoom, indexing documents, printing documents, scanning documents, managing lookup list entries, and more. For details, see Adding documents to GoFileRoom.
  • Indexing documents. Indexing each document as they are added to GoFileRoom provides a way to identify and easily retrieve them when needed. For details,see Indexing documents.
  • Search documents. Use the search features in GoFileRoom to quickly locate documents that are stored in the application. For details, see Searching for documents.
  • Editing documents The Editing GoFileRoom documents article consists of a list of links to articles that provide information about editing in Word and Excel documents, editing previous versions of Word and Excel documents, editing GoFileRoom documents offline, and modifying PDF documents stored in GoFileRoom.
  • Exporting documents. You can export a single document at a time from GoFileRoom. For details, see Exporting documents from GoFileRoom.
  • FirmFlow The FirmFlow module enables you to automate and standardize your business processes, improve collaboration, and increase productivity. For details, see FirmFlow overview.


  • You will need a laser printer capable of printing 600 dots per inch (DPI) for barcode printing.
  • GoFileRoom is supported in terminal server / remote desktop and Citrix server (published applications or desktop) environments.
  • If you're using the Kofax® VRS® scanning driver version 4.2 or later for scanning, Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 must be installed on the scan station.

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