Getting started with GoFileRoom

Alerts and notices

GoFileRoom is a secure, web-based, and cost-effective document management application that enables you to add speed and efficiency to your daily workflow. GoFileRoom provides the ability to store any type of document with user-defined indexes, to quickly locate stored documents, to add annotations to documents for others to view, to email stored documents as a link or attachment, to edit Microsoft Word and Excel files, and more.

This topic outlines steps to configure GoFileRoom, and provides instructions for performing common tasks such as scanning documents, navigating through the GoFileRoom interface, and accessing your firm's documents.

GoFileRoom access and configuration

The following topics will help you better organize your firm's documents and make it easier to navigate to your documents.

Performing common tasks in GoFileRoom

The following topics discuss how to manage documents and workflows in GoFileRoom, including instructions for adding and indexing documents, and for electronically routing workpapers and work assignments.

Additional information

The following resources are also available to help you get started with GoFileRoom.


  • You will need a laser printer capable of printing 600 dots per inch (DPI) for barcode printing.
  • GoFileRoom is supported in terminal server / remote desktop and Citrix server (published applications or desktop) environments.
  • If you're using the Kofax® VRS® scanning driver version 4.2 or later for scanning, Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 must be installed on the scan station.

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