Navigating GoFileRoom

Alerts and notices

You can access GoFileRoom features using the buttons and menus at the top of each GoFileRoom screen. Click the following links for more information.

Go back button Click this button to return the previous screen.

Click this link to open the GoFileRoom Home screen.

Choose Document Search from this menu to search for documents in GoFileRoom.

Click this link to add documents to GoFileRoom.

If you have the appropriate access privileges, you can run FirmFlow reports. from this menu.

If you have administrative privileges, you can use this menu to access GoFileRoom administration features.

Use this menu to access applications that integrate with GoFileRoom.

Click this link to open the GoFileRoom help.

You can click your name in the upper-right corner of any GoFileRoom screen to download and install GoFileRoom Add-Ins (administrative privileges required), to access your account preferences, or to log out of GoFileRoom.

Tip: Log out of GoFileRoom when you step away from your computer or when you leave the office; this will prevent unauthorized users from accessing documents, forms, or folders from your computer.

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