GoFileRoom setup

Alerts and notices

Follow the steps below to set up and install GoFileRoom properly. Note that these steps are required.

Administrators should perform each procedure in the following order for each workstation from which GoFileRoom will be accessed.

  1. Verify that the workstation meets the current GoFileRoom system requirements
  2. Configure Internet Explorer settings.
  3. Install GoFileRoom Client add-ins.

    Note: You can use group policy to push these updates out to all of your workstations automatically. For details, see Using Group Policy to deploy GoFileRoom Add-in updates.

  4. Complete the Workstation Setup section of the GoFileRoom setup checklist.

In addition, you may find that your GoFileRoom experience improves if you use the standard view settings.

Verify that the following Internet Explorer view settings are set.

  • View > Text size > Medium.
  • View > Zoom > 100%.
  • View > Encoding > Western European (Windows).

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