Viewing documents from the Home screen

Alerts and notices

You can click the My Recent Documents tile at the top of the Home screen to quickly access documents that you have viewed, scanned, indexed, or edited. Follow these steps to view documents from the Home screen.

  1. Click the Home home link image link in the GoFileRoom toolbar.
  2. Click the My Recent Documents tile at the top of the Home screen to open My Documents.
  3. Select a drawer from the drop-down list in the Drawer field. (The selections that are available to you are determined by your drawer permission settings.)
  4. Select an action from the drop-down list in the Recent Action field (Edited, Indexed, Scanned, or Viewed) to filter the list of documents.


    • You cannot view locally stored files or documents with a status of Indexed, Barcoded, Scanned, Voided, Deleted Doc, Merged Deleted, or Uploaded.
    • Your selections for filtering documents are saved and will be the default selections the next time you access the My Documents portlet.
  5. Optional: Click the column headings to sort and quickly locate your documents. By default, My Documents is sorted in descending order by Action Date/Time.
  6. Click the checkbox in the row of the document that you you wish to view, edit, or export. The document opens in the GoFileRoom viewer.

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