Email settings for firewall and spam filters

Alerts and notices

Many automatic emails are sent directly from our servers and can be blocked by SPAM filters and/or firewalls. If you or your clients are not receiving emails sent from our servers, they may need to whitelist one or more of the applicable IP addresses or domains.

IP addresses that begin with 167.68 are owned by Thomson Reuters. Allowing anything in this range will encompass everything sent from Thomson Reuters applications.

These IP addresses are used for invites and password reset requests for Thomson Reuters IDs and should whitelisted to the firewall.

The following domains should be whitelisted to SPAM filter.

Virtual Office CS/SaaS/NetFirm

These IP addresses are used for invites, password resets and notifications from NetStaff and NetClient portals. These emails may be spoofed if the user changes the "sender" field for notifications in the Admin tab of the navigation pane. For more information, refer to Modifying templates for notification messages that are sent by NetFirm CS.

GoFileRoom and AdvanceFlow

The core GoFileRoom and FirmFlow applications, all workflows, and all documents (including those that are displayed as workpapers in AdvanceFlow) are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers instead of Thomson Reuters servers. Thomson Reuters does not directly support restricting access to GoFileRoom by IP addresses, either static or range-based.

Internal notes

MKT/Data Exchange

These IP addresses are used for MKT portals such as basic and conversion data exchanges.