Enabling FirmFlow reports to show inactive users

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GoFileRoom allows you to generate reports to show inactive users. Follow these steps to enable this feature for your GoFileRoom database.

Do not change the Info Field Reporting, Responsibility & Steps Reporting and Assignment & Steps Reporting workflow names. Altering the names of these workflows will not provide the desired results when the reports are run.

  1. Log in to GoFileRoom with an Administrator account that has access to Manage FirmFlow.
  2. Select a service type, workflows, and steps.
  3. Select the Info Field Reporting workflow.
  4. Clear the Disabled Workflow checkbox, and click Save.
    Manage FirmFlow screen
  5. Repeat the above steps for the Responsibility & Steps Reporting and Assignment & Steps Reporting workflows.
  6. Click the Configuration tab to allow access to the new reporting feature.
  7. Select a Service Type from the Service field, and select Workflows from the Category field.

    Inactive reports example

  8. Choose one of the new workflows that were enabled above and allow access to the workflow for groups that should see inactive users.

    Note: Steps are required to save, but selection is not important as this is not an actual workflow that will be used.

  9. Once you have selected the groups, click Save.
  10. Repeat the above steps for the two additional new reports that you enabled, if needed.
  11. To view the new reports, log in to GoFileRoom with an account that is a member of one of the groups to whom you granted reporting access.
  12. Access FirmFlow Reports, and select the WIP Detail (By User) report.
  13. Select a Service Type, and select one of the new Reporting workflows.
  14. Inactive users will be displayed, preceded by Inactive as shown below.

    An inactive user will not appear in this report if FirmFlow user permissions are not enabled for that user.  

    WIP by user report

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