Enabling integration between GoFileRoom and SurePrep

Alerts and notices

SurePrep is an automated electronic workpaper solution that helps automate the tax preparation process. GoFileRoom now has the ability to integrate the FirmFlow process with a SurePrep binder.  

Contact GoFileRoom Support to request this integrated solution. There is no fee for enabling or using SurePrep integration features; however, your firm must be licensed for SurePrep.

When contacting GoFileRoom Support, have your SurePrep domain information ready for the Support representative. Most firms have one Domain, but if your firm has multiple domains, please provide the primary domain first, followed by the additional domains.

For an overview of GoFileRoom SurePrep integration features, see Using SurePrep to organize tax workpapers.  

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Internal notes

The GoFileRoom call facilitator can enable SurePrep integration. Include the Firm ID, Database ID, and SurePrep domain information with the request.

Once integration has been enabled by GFRSupport, the two PDF documents should assist you helping the user setup the integration:

Sureprep Binder and FirmFlow Setup for Office Managers or Tax Department Managers

Sureprep Binder and FirmFlow Configuration and Setup for GoFileRoom Administrators