How to link GoFileRoom ClientFlow portals to existing NetClient portals

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You and your clients can share documents online using a secure GoFileRoom ClientFlow portal. If your client has a NetClient portal, you may want to add ClientFlow and link it to the existing portal rather than make another one.

Note: If your client doesn't have a NetClient portal, you can follow the steps in Create a NetClient Portal through GoFileRoom ClientFlow.

  1. Log in to NetFirm with an account that has NetClient administration privileges.
  2. Select the user who you want to add ClientFlow to.
  3. Note the user's email address, first name, and last name.
  4. Log in to GoFileRoom using an account with manage user priveleges.
  5. Select Administration, then Manage Users and Groups.
  6. On the ClientFlow Users tab, create a new user with the details you noted in step 3.


    • The last word entered in Full Name will be used as the last name.
    • The Full Name can be no more than 30 characters.
    • You can also create a listing that shows first name, last name, and email address needed in NetClient by running the User Accounts report.
  7. Select the Client Name and Client Number you wish to link to this ClientFlow user in the Add Clients section, then select Add. You may select multiple clients.

    Note: This account will only have access to documents that the firm publishes for the selected client.

  8. If you've configured ClientFlow security groups, you can select any groups to apply by moving them to Member of.
  9. Select Save to add ClientFlow to the current portal.

Note: When your client logs in to their NetClient portal, the ClientFlow link will be in the navigation pane.


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