Workflow deliverable did not roll forward

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When rolling forward a workflow, the deliverable may not appear in the new workflow despite your selection to include them in the Roll Forward Folders section of Administration > Manage FirmFlow > Folder Administration.

The most common cause of this is that the person performing the roll forward does not have security permissions to add deliverables.

Future roll forwards

The following steps should be completed by a member of the GoFileRoom Administrators Group.

  1. Identify FirmFlow group to which this person belongs.
  2. Choose Administration > Manage FirmFlow and then click the Permissions tab.
  3. On the Workflows tab, select the workflow from the list, and then grant permission to add deliverables.

Recent roll forwards

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Internal only

In support's GoFileRoom database 0EZ, there is a Rollforward Requests report. This report can be used by support to determine what information was selected during the roll forward process.