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This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Reported Date Category Status Modified Date Synopsis
09/23/22 Add-in Open 09/23/22 GFR Cleint Add-in Version 22.1.10 makes Excel Default to the GFR add-in tab for all Files it opens

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are working towards a fix for this in the next Add-in which we plan to release sometime in November.

09/22/22 Platform Investigating 09/22/22 Lookup List Sync LUL Errors

We are investigating lookup list sync LULS errors "(123) Process failed. GFR Error Code:-1 Message:Error creating temp file: Too many files at line 50 at line 20". We will update this alert when we have more information.

09/06/22 Platform Fixed 09/06/22 Performance Slowness Affecting Login, Document Search and Home Page

This issue has been resolved. If you continue to see an error when logging into AdvanceFlow or GoFileRoom, please clear your cache and cookies.

We are investigating slowness affecting login, the new document search and home page. We will update this alert when we have more information.

08/24/22 Website Login Fixed 08/24/22 Error When Selecting Login to CS Website

Update: This has been resolved.

We are investigating an issue with an error when selecting login at tax.tr.com while trying to login to your account.

In the meantime, if you have to login to your account, please navigate to https://tax.thomsonreuters.com/en/your-accounts and select sign-in for whichever product you are trying to login to.

Note: Do not select login in the top-right corner or you will receive an error.

08/11/22 Document Management Open 08/11/22 NetClient | ClientFlow: Unable to Publish or Unpublish from the Document Search / Index Search View

We have discovered an issue that prevents documents from being Published or Unpublished to the ClientFlow portal. This is an issue specific to the Document Search screen in GoFileRoom. As a workaround, please use the Classic Search view to manage your client facing documents until we have resolved this issue.

03/04/22 Add-in Fixed 8/1/22 Save changes intermittently fails to save when selecting "Save to GoFileRoom and keep working" from GFR add-in menu

Client Add-In version 22.1.10 is available available on 8/1/22. We recommend that you install the latest version of the GoFileRoom Client Add-in with this release.

To download the updated Add-In, from within GoFileRoom, select your name and choose the version 22.1.10 from the drop-down list.

We've addressed an issue where in certain events, that would lead to GoFileRoom Document edits (made within Excel, Word, PDF’s) to intermittently fail to save and retain recent changes to the document when selecting Save to GoFileRoom.

07/12/22 Excel Investigating 07/12/22 Excel documents display Blank result of recent Office update

Thomson Reuters is currently investigating recent reports of certain files displaying Blank from within GoFileRoom and AdvanceFlow. There is evidence that several 3rd party applications, i.e. non-Thomson Reuters software, have also been impacted by this update. Many customers have been successful with workarounds such as:

• Logging out of Office 365 and logging back in.

• Launching Excel in safe mode and then switching back to regular mode

• Or reverting to a previous version of Office and turning off auto updates

Please refer to the following Microsoft discussion and we will update this alert as we discover more.

07/11/22 Documents Fixed 07/14/22 Indexing Services currently disabled

Update: This has been fixed.

This background service impacts your ability to perform Bulk re-indexing of documents. We are currently testing application changes made to resolve this issue and expect to deliver a silent server update to resolve the problem in the early AM hours of July 13, 2022.

07/11/22 Documents Open 07/11/22 Edit Workflow API: "Index Validation failed"

We have identified an issue when using the 'Edit Workflow API' to modifiy headers, and having reindexDocs: set to true.

The reindex will fail with "Index Validation Failed" and the document history "exported" displays for each time it failed. We have been made aware of this issue and are currently working to resolve it. We are targeting the GoFileRoom August release for delivery and resolve. Thank you for your patience!

07/06/22 MFA Fixed 07/06/22 Paired devices unable to login on new versions of the Thomson Reuters Authenticator app with Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Update: A new version of the Thomson Reuters authenticator app is available which resolves this issue. Please update your authenticator app to the most recent version.


We have been alerted to an issue impacting users of GoFileRoom and AdvanceFlow with MFA enabled. This issue impacts both Apple iOS (version 3.1) and Android (version 3.1.264), devices. We have discovered the root cause of this issue, and aim to publish a new version of the TR Authenticator app on 7/7/22 contingent on testing results.

We are investigating this with the highest priority. Your GoFileRoom Administrator can generate a 24 hour code, from within GoFileRoom, or choose to exclude the user from MFA (from within GoFileRoom Administration / Manage Configuration / Security tab / MFA exclusion and exclude the user). Once that is done the user can log into GoFileRoom and AdvanceFlow.

07/05/22 Platform Fixed 08/01/22 Error: "Enter Required Fields" when trying to complete a workflow - Users need to fill in the 'Assign to Person' field to route a workflow to Complete

An error stating "Enter Required Fields" when trying to complete a workflow even though all mandatory fields are completed. As a current workaround; users will need to fill in the 'Assign to person' field to route a workflow to complete.

06/21/22 CS Website Fixed 06/21/22 CS Professional Suite Website Login

Update: The ability to login to the CS Professional Suite website has been restored.

06/16/22 Platform Fixed 06/16/22 Error "Object Required" when attempting to sign into GoFileRoom

Update: This has been fixed.

We are receiving some reports of users receiving "object required" when attempting to sign in to GoFileRoom. We are investigating this with the highest priority. Please monitor the Online Product Status for more information.

06/02/22 Documents Open 06/02/22 Previewing PDF Files Greater than 5MB

Previewing large files, greater than 5MB, can be very slow to produce the presentation within the viewing tab. The user experience is a frozen progress wheel, that is not spinning, and grey screen. It is recommended to choose the Edit button in the viewer toolbar to open the document in its source application. GoFileRoom will be modified to provide a better experience within the Preview/View functionality on a future release. Please refer to the general guidelines for file sizes that can be uploaded to GoFileRoom.

05/20/22 Platform Notice 05/20/22 Microsoft is retiring Internet Explorer as of June 15, 2022

A reminder to all CS Professional Suite customers that Thomson Reuters will discontinue IE as a supported browser for all CS Suite products due to Microsoft’s scheduled end of support on June 15, 2022.

Please view Microsoft’s FAQs about the retirement of Internet Explorer for more information.

To ensure the best possible experience, please refer to our System Requirements for supported internet browsers.

05/05/22 Workstation Related Notice 05/05/22 Workflow Tools Exception Error

If you receive a workflow tools exception error referencing “Could not load file or assembly ‘SHDocVw,…” then please refer to the antivirus guidelines for CS Professional Suite applications to create exceptions within your antivirus for the GFR directories. After exceptions are created, then you can uninstall the GFR Client Add-in and reinstall it.

04/04/22 Add-in Open 04/04/22 GoFileRoom client add-in is not available within Adobe Acrobat (64-bit versions)

We have been alerted to this issue and are actively researching. At this time we do not currently have an estimated timeframe for when 64-bit versions of Adobe will function with the GoFileRoom add-in. The issue is ranked high priority by our Product Management team and we will update Alerts and Notices as discovery continues. It is recommended to remain on 32-bit versions of Acrobat as our teams investigate and resolve. We plan to update our add-ins to 64-bit, but for now we recommend uninstalling 64-bit add-ins to avoid conflicts.

03/30/22 Documents Open 03/30/22 No Search Results Found or limited search results intermittently when searching in either Classic Search or Document Search

We are aware of this issue and do not have a tentative release date as to when this might be fixed. In some cases, refreshing has worked for some users, or clearing search fields and populating the indexes again has worked. Clearing cache in Chrome has worked for some customers who were searching on the Document Search screen. Other customers disabled their DuckDuckGo search engine and enabled Google instead in Chrome, and it solved the issue. We will update this alert when we have more information.

03/25/22 Documents Fixed 03/25/22 Error in determining clientflow drawer: variable is undefined - Document view blank

A release on 3/24/22 corrected the error message, "variable is undefined" for several of our customers, but we are aware of an related issue that remains outstanding. The document view does not display in certain situations. The new issue takes place with GFR/AdvanceFlow customers, when moving from AdvanceFlow to GoFileRoom classic search.

Workaround: Logging in directly to gfr web and go to classic search it's working.

02/24/22 Workpapers Open 02/24/22 Add-in 20.0.6 Acrobat Add-in Conflicts with QuickBooks 2022 Plugin in Acrobat Standard 2020

We are aware of this issue but do not currently have an estimated timeframe for when it will be resolved. The issue will be prioritized by our Product Management team against all other development work.

We will update this alert when more information is available.

02/17/22 Window 11 Notice 07/11/22 Windows 11 Support

We are aware of the need to support Windows 11 for all Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting applications, including GoFileRoom. We do not currently have an estimated timeframe for when this will be completed, but the issue will be prioritized by our Product Management team against all other development work and scheduled as soon as feasible.

As of 7/5/2022, Windows 11 is now a supported operating system for GoFileRoom.

02/11/22 Workflow API Open 02/11/22 Edit Workflow API not able to leave 'Assigned To' field blank when routing workflow to 'COMPLETED"

When using the 'Edit Workflow' API to route a workflow to the 'Completed' step. It will result in an error if the 'Assigned To' field is left blank. We will be updating this in a future update to allow the field to be left blank as it can be done in the front-end/user interface. As a workaround a completed routing pool can be created and the API can be configured to route completed workflows to that pool.

We will correct this in a future update.

02/04/22 FirmFlow Open 02/04/22 Edit Workflow API Issues

When using the Edit Workflow API there are currently the following issues we are working to fix in a future update:

When updating the description you receive “Error occurred while validating workflow name”.

When updating workflow status is shows successful however it does not update.

Some workflow Status values disregarded by the API when creating or editing a workflow.

02/02/22 Documents Open 02/02/22 Case sensitive API Calls

The following APIs currently are case sensitive for the 'DrawerName' parameter. For example "Clients" will work, but 'CLIENTS,'clients','clienTs' and other variations of casing will not work. We will be correcting this in a future update.

Delete Master Deliverable

Add Master Deliverable

Edit Master Deliverable

Get Master Deliverable

01/20/22 Login Open 1/20/22 ScanFlow throws "Your login or password is incorrect. Please try again." error if your password contains "&"

We are aware of an issue with the ScanFlow utility, where some users are experiencing an error when attempting to authenticate in the application using passwords with an ampersand ("&"). Until resolved, users who will be using the ScanFlow utility should refrain from using this character in their passwords.

11/01/21 Integration Open 11/01/21 GoFileRoom Practice CS Portlet 'My Workflow' giving script errors

We are currently looking into an issue that is causing script errors to occur when accessing the 'My Workflow' portlet within Practice CS Dashboards

04/09/21 Integration Open 04/09/21 SurePrep Integration: Missing PDF Files in FirmFlow Binder

We are aware of an issue with SurePrep integration for some customers - we are working closely with the SurePrep team to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We will provide an update as soon as we have additional information.

04/07/21 Documents Open 04/07/21 In Windows Server 2012, Getting an error when opening documents "Please install the latest version of the GoFileRoom Client Add-in"

We are aware of an issue some customers are experiencing when attempting to run the GoFileRoom Client Add-ins on Microsoft Server 2012 machines. We are investigating this issue and will provide an update when available.

01/30/21 Redaction Open 01/30/21 Running Redaction is impacting the appearance/format of certain PDFs

We are aware of an issue impacting the appearance of certain PDFs after running Redaction within GoFileRoom, and are working to correct it. If you experience this issue, we recommend using the redaction feature in Adobe Acrobat to remove SSNs from the original file until this is resolved.

01/11/21 Documents Open 01/11/21 When previewing Excel (XLSX) documents they are missing some formatting, such as gridlines and natural page breaks

We are aware that some customers aren't satisfied with the current way Excel files are previewing in GoFileRoom. While the preview tool is intentionally streamlined to focus on speed and review, we've gotten a number of requests for modifications, and we're currently exploring how best to expand the options available for previewing Excel files, while balancing the needs and preferences of all users. In the meantime, clicking on Edit to launch Excel files natively will provide the best experience for those customers wanting a full Excel-like view of such files.

09/18/20 Documents Open 09/18/20 Checkboxes do not display when previewing documents.

We are currently investigating an issue that is causing documents that have checkboxes in them to not show in preview mode. They still show in edit mode.

09/04/20 Documents Open 09/04/20 Unable to execute File Links in Chrome

We are currently looking into an issue that is preventing executing file links within Google Chrome. A workaround is to use Internet Explorer.

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