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Reported Date Category Status Modified Date Synopsis
02/12/21 FirmFlow NOTICE 02/15/21 Routing Notification options may have been deselected

Detailed Routing Notification options may have been deselected in Administration | Manage FirmFlow | Notification Settings for some customers during the last release. We recommend that an Administrator navigate to this tab, verify that the desired options are selected in Notification Subject and Notification Content areas, and Save if any changes are required.

02/11/21 Utilities Open 02/11/21 Can not use the lookup list to find client when printing to GoFileRoom from MS Office

We are aware of an issue where some users are unable to print Microsoft Office files to GoFileRoom due to the GFR Lookup list not displaying properly. We are treating this with high priority and are actively working it. As soon as we have more information this alert will be updated.

02/03/21 Documents Open 02/03/21 When copy/move/reindexing document from Document Search/Document Explorer view, it takes you to Index Search

We are currently looking into an issue that prevents you from being able to re-index/copy/move files from Document Explorer. You can still do it from either Index Search or Classic Search.

01/30/21 Redaction Open 01/30/21 Running Redaction is impacting the appearance/format of certain PDFs

We are aware of an issue impacting the appearance of certain PDFs after running Redaction within GoFileRoom, and are working to correct it. If you experience this issue, we recommend using the redaction feature in Adobe Acrobat to remove SSNs from the original file until this is resolved.

01/27/21 Utilities Open 01/27/21 MFA / QR code not generating

We are investigating an issue that is preventing some users from initiating the GoFileRoom Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - TR Authenticator device linking process for the first time, In these cases, the MFA QR code is not generating when attempting to complete the linking process. Should this occur, a GoFileRoom administrator can temporarily disable mandatory MFA usage for the impacted user(s), or alternatively delete and re-add the user in Administration/Manage Users & Groups, allowing the QR code to generate.

01/14/21 Home Page Open 01/14/21 Notification Rules - property types not functioning under "in the drawer" conditions

We are investigating an issue where when setting up new Notification Rule within the GoFileRoom home page and the 'Property Types' not functioning under the 'In the Drawer' Condition. We are currently investigating this.

01/11/21 Document Management Open 01/11/21 When previewing Excel (XLSX) documents they are missing some formatting, such as gridlines and natural page breaks

We are aware that some customers aren't satisfied with the current way Excel files are previewing in GoFileRoom. While the preview tool is intentionally streamlined to focus on speed and review, we've gotten a number of requests for modifications, and we're currently exploring how best to expand the options available for previewing Excel files, while balancing the needs and preferences of all users. In the meantime, clicking on Edit to launch Excel files natively will provide the best experience for those customers wanting a full Excel-like view of such files.

11/30/20 Notifications Fixed 11/30/20 Emails sent from Homepage Notification Rules do not include Firm Name

With the 11/30 update of GoFileRoom, emails are now sent from no-reply@thomsonreuters.com and there is a configuration to change the display name to include the Firm's name. This is working as intended except for when used in Notifications that were setup in the Homepage. These will not include the firm name but we are working on a fix. More information can be found in the user bulletin

10/19/20 FirmFlow Pending Fix 11/19/20 FirmFlow: Workflow Deliverables List searches are case sensitive

If searching for Deliverables on the Deliverable tab within a Workflow via text, results are either not found, or if results return, they are incomplete.

Deliverables are only displaying the expected results if they are case specific, an exact match, and there are no wild cards.

For example: Searching for 1040 us will not return results but 1040 US will. Or, searching for il* will not return results but IL* will.

This is planned to be fixed on November 29, 2020.

09/18/20 Document Management Investigating 09/18/20 Unable to export search results when using Full Text Search

We are currently investigating an issue that is preventing users from exporting their search results when doing a Full Text Search.

09/18/20 Integration Investigating 09/18/20 When printing from Practice CS to GoFileRoom you are unable to select a client

We are currently investigating an issue that is preventing users from selecting clients when Printing from Practice CS directly into GoFileRoom. As a workaround you can use the GoFileRoom Print Driver. 2/9 UPDATE: We have a temporary workaround to restore the original functionality. Please contact support to get the workaround.

ADO 1800608 Please see the ADO attachment to download the workaround.

09/18/20 ScanFlow Investigating 09/18/20 Errors occur when using ScanFlow

We are investigating an issue that is causing errors to occur when using ScanFlow. As a workaround you can scan in grayscale.

09/18/20 Document Management Investigating 09/18/20 Checkboxes do not display when previewing documents.

We are currently investigating an issue that is causing documents that have checkboxes in them to not show in preview mode. They still show in edit mode.

09/18/20 Outlook Fixed 01/08/21 Unable to add emails to GoFileRoom from Outlook

Some users were experiencing an issue when attempting to add emails to GoFileRoom from Outlook, if they were not yet authenticated in that session. In these cases, the login screen was failing to appear and preventing the process from completing. This was resolved in the latest Production version of the client add-in (20.0.6), but some machines may not install the add-in correctly due to environmental reasons. In those cases, a registry update can resolve the issue, please contact support for assistance.

09/18/20 Document Management Investigating 09/18/20 "There is no documents available" error occurs when exporting multiple files from Document Search

We are investigating an issue that is preventing some users from exporting multiple files in the new Document Search screen when some special characters are used in one of the indexes.

09/18/20 Document Management Investigating 09/21/20 Certain AdvanceFlow documents are opening the original version when opened for editing.

We are currently investigating an isolated issue impacting a small number of AdvanceFlow customers, where the latest version of the document is not opening when launching in Edit mode. We've confirmed that updates to the document are being saved to GoFileRoom, which can be confirmed by launching the document in read-only (Preview) mode. We will update this alert as soon as we have more information. If you encounter a file that is affected, then please contact support

ADO 1796706
Support: Please make sure you are adding firms who call in with impacted documents to the ADO (with the DB ID and Document ID) so that development can properly track the issue. If they want a temporary fix they can export the document from GFR/AF and then reupload. If we tell them about this temp fix, we need to make sure they know that the new document will not retain the previous document history so they should keep both documents until this is fixed. See the ADO for more information.

09/18/20 Workstation Related
12/07/20 Unable to launch QuickLaunch and Control Panel without Local Workstation Admin Rights

We are currently investigating an issue that is causing some firms to not be able to use QuickLaunch or Control Panel if they do not have local admin rights. The workaround is to login via the Excel, Outlook or Word add-in, and then Quick Launch and Control Panel work fine. For a workaround to resolve it completely (on a windows profile basis) please reach out to Support.

ADO 1795747 If firm wants the windows profile workaround to this issue please look at the 'Customer Impact' field within the linked ADO

09/11/20 Document Management Pending Fix 09/16/20 Unable to re-index or copy a document that belongs to a client with the & symbol in the name.

Using the & symbol to re-index and copy documents in the Client Name field in the Classic Search in Chrome is currently not functioning. If you try to select a Client with '&' in the name and nothing happens, the window stays open and the fields do not populate properly.

09/04/20 Document Management Verified 09/04/20 Unable to execute File Links in Chrome

We are currently looking into an issue that is preventing executing file links within Google Chrome. A workaround is to use Internet Explorer.

09/04/20 FirmFlow Fixed 01/4/21 Documents exported from FirmFlow in Chrome do not have a file extension

We are currently investigating an issue that is causing files when exported out of FirmFlow while using Google Chrome to not have a file extension. The workaround is when you extension-less file to open it in the program it should be opened in, and then re-save it and it will have its extension.

09/04/20 Document Management Verified 09/04/20 Not able to open up Email attachments in Chrome.

We are currently looking into an issue that is preventing users from being able to preview email attachments in GoFileRoom when using Google Chrome. The workaround is to use Internet Explorer

09/02/20 Document Management Notice 09/03/20 Secure PDF Change

With the 9/2 release, we changed the way you send PDFs without a password. To do so, leave the PDF Password field blank and select OK instead of Cancel. Note that the Mandatory Password option must be disabled to bypass setting a password for the file. For more information click here. For steps on how to see if you have ‘Mandatory Password’ enabled click here.

08/28/20 Document Management Fixed 02/08/21 Printing PDF files from Google Chrome may cause them to appear blurry.

The issue where printing PDF files out of Google Chrome is causing them to print blurry has been fixed with the 2/8/21 release.

08/20/20 Notice Notice 08/20/20 Ideas Community posts will not be migrated to Idea Incubator

Due to the format changes between the Ideas Community and Idea Incubator platforms, most of the Ideas Community ideas were not migrated to the Idea Incubator. Generally speaking, most products brought over the top 10 ideas from their respective Ideas Community. Outside of that, ideas submitted under the Ideas Communities have been archived for the Product Team to review as needed.

As part of our stronger focus on our customers, your input and expectation for implementation, the Idea Incubator will do a better job of letting you know when we are not able to implement a submission and help us collectively to select and prioritize the best submissions for implementation moving forward.

As of Friday, August 21st, ideas submitted under the Ideas Community will no longer be available for public viewing. We apologize for any inconvenience and encourage you to share anything that you feel is missing on the Idea Incubator as a result of the migration.

8/18/20 Notice Notice 8/18/20 Upcoming GoFileRoom Release Information

On Monday August 24, GoFileRoom will be releasing our Browser Independent changes to www.gofileroom.com. In order to prevent issues you will want to make sure you are on the latest version of the GoFileRoom add-in (20.0.4 or higher). For more information on what is necessary prior to the release, please read our User Bulletin which can be found here.

7/31/20 Integration Investigating 7/31/20 Error when printing from Engagement CS to GoFileRoom using direct integration
We are currently investigating an issue where printing from Engagement CS to GoFileRoom is giving a script error. The workaround at this time is to click OK on the script error to close it. On the Print to GoFileRoom window, toggle from the Clients Drawer to any other drawer and then back to the Clients drawer and it should let you print without error.
07/24/20 Idea Incubator Notice 07/24/20 Certificate Error when Logging into the Idea Incubator
We are receiving reports of the following error when signing into the Idea Incubator:

Single Sign on Failure: SAML response missing X.509 Certificate

To correct this issue, please use the following link for the Idea Incubator:

httpS://ideaincubator.ideas.aha.io You can also refresh the page, but you may need to enter your credentials again.

6/24/20 Home Screen Investigating 09/21/20 Home Screen Slow to Load
This was scheduled to be fixed with the 9/21 Release. We are noticing improvement since the release but it is not fully fixed yet. We are actively reviewing what more we can do to improve performance. The GoFileRoom Home screen on the https://gofileroom.com may take several minutes to load. We are currently testing a fix for this and will update the alert when we have more information.
6/01/20 Edit Documents Investigating 8/27/20 Slow to open documents for editing
Some firms are facing issue where GoFileRoom and AdvanceFlow are slow when trying to edit documents. We are actively investigating this with urgent priority. A fix is currently being tested. We will update this alert when we have more information.
6/01/20 Edit Documents NOTICE 06/01/20 Some users unable to Edit Documents, getting error unable to open GFRLINK
Some firms are facing issue where they are unable to edit documents, getting error that they cannot open GFRLINK. This can be resolved by updating to latest version of the GoFileRoom Client Add-in. The latest version of the add-in at the time of this alert is 20.0.3 - Uninstalling and reinstalling the GoFileRoom Client Add-In
5/29/20 Special Information N/A 05/29/20 Current limitations in the browser-independent version of GoFileRoom
There are limitations when viewing documents, searching for documents, and displaying notification rules in the current browser-independent version of GoFileRoom. See Current limitations in the browser-independent version of GoFileRoom for more detail. Rest assured that we are busy working to remove these limitations as we add additional browser-independent functionality and features to GoFileRoom.
05/21/20 Integration Verified 09/21/20 Unable to print from GoSystem Tax RS to GoFileRoom

We are aware of an issue that is preventing some people from printing from GoSystem Tax RS to GoFileRoom. We are working diligently to address this issue and will provide any additional information on this alert as it becomes available.

Update: Printing from Gosystem Tax RS Web View to GoFileRoom is now working. GoSystem Tax RS development team is investigating the issue behind Classic View. 

03/26/20 FirmFlow Reports Verified 03/26/20 FirmFlow Reports Due Date (by Deliverable) and Due Date (by Workflow) return results in descending order
When running FirmFlow reports Due Date (by Deliverable) or Due Date (by Workflow), the results sort in descending order instead of ascending order. As a Workaround, export to Excel and sort there.
03/26/20 Bookmarks Verified 03/26/20 On Screen Bookmarks for Adobe do not remain in order they were assigned in GoFileRoom
If you go into Adobe > GoFileRoom Add-in > Create Predefined Bookmark Lists, the bookmarks are not in the order they are saved inside of GoFileRoom under the bookmarks list.
02/27/20 Document Management Investigating 02/27/20 Annotation on image within PDF may cause issue with Text Searching / Tax Sort
When an annotation is placed on an image within a page of a PDF in GoFileRoom, that page will not be processed for text searching or Tax Sort. The remaining pages of the PDF will be processed as expected. We are continuing to work towards a resolution.
10/28/19 ClientFlow Verified 03/23/20 Unable to email or publish documents from Document Explorer if they are password protected

When attempting to email or publish a document through the Document Explorer, if that document is password protected, it will not email or publish. This will be tentatively fixed with a future update of GoFileRoom.

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