GoFileRoom Release User Bulletin, 28 February 2021

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  • If you are looking for a specific update, but it doesn't appear in this bulletin, try checking the GoFileRoom Alerts & notices article.
  • You can check the status of your online applications and services (such as CS Connect and Virtual Office CS) via our Online Product Status Page.

User Administration enhancement

  • With this release, the former User Administration right has been replaced by two new rights: Internal User Administration and Portal User Administration. With this change, you now have increased flexibility, allowing team members to administer your internal users and/or external portal users for ClientFlow or Client Center integration, as separate right sets.

Note: Those currently assigned with the User Administration permission will be assigned to both Internal and Portal Administration, keeping the permissions consistent. GoFileRoom Administrators can then modify as applicable.

Document Tracking

  • The Document Tracking report is now properly excluding archived documents from reports based on the Checked-Out status.

Home screen

  • We’ve added the Copy Documents option to the right-click and actions menus in the Home screen for those with the appropriate permissions.
  • The Property field now functions properly when you create or modify Conditions for Notification Rules on the Home page.

Document Search

  • You can now export documents with certain special characters in the File Section or in the Description index values.
  • Disabled database options no longer appear in the right-click and actions menus from the Document Search screen.
  • The Apply button now functions properly when you email PDF(s) without a password for firms with Secure PDF feature enabled, but optional.
  • The Document Search page now loads correctly when you click on the GoFileRoom link from within AdvanceFlow.

Classic Search

  • Copy, Move and Reindex functions now works properly for files with certain special characters in the index values in Chrome.

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