GoFileRoom Release User Bulletin, 1 June, 2020

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On January 14, 2020  Microsoft ended support for Windows 7. Because Thomson Reuters cannot support customers using our applications on unsupported operating systems, GoFileRoom is no longer supported on Windows 7. We strongly recommend that you upgrade your workstations to a supported operating system. For more information, see End of support for Windows 7.

Special Information

We at Thomson Reuters are excited to share the news about this latest release of GoFileRoom that includes an updated user interface, API enhancements, and new search capabilities in a secure, full-featured, and browser-agnostic interface.

If you couldn't attend our recent webinar, we have made a recording available that you can view at your convenience. It provides an overview of the interface, and highlights the enhancements offered with this release of GoFileRoom.

Because we are continually developing and improving the product, this first release has some limitations that you should be aware of. For details, see Current limitations in the browser-independent version of GoFileRoom.


  • Supported browsers include Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

To be able to edit files in GoFileRoom, you must install the latest GoFileRoom Client Add-in from Internet Explorer (v.19.0.4 or higher).

To access the new browser-independent GoFileRoom application in Google Chrome, use the following temporary URL: https://bi-uk.gofileroom.com. After the pre-release/beta test period is complete, you'll be re-directed when the new changes are merged into the original GoFileRoom URL at https://uk.gofileroom.com.


GoFileRoom Outlook Add-in

  • You can now email a document from View Mode using the Email > Outlook attachment option without receiving an error.


  • ScanFlow alerts are now being triggered as expected.
  • Batch imports from ScanFlow are no longer intermittently inverting black and white on scanned pages.


  • The Zapier® GoFileRoom app enables GoFileRoom to connect to more than two thousand other web services. Connections called Zaps can be set up in minutes with no coding. They can automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between GoFileRoom and other apps that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

    For details, see Integration with Zapier.

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