GoFileRoom Release User Bulletin, 2 September, 2020

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GoFileRoom includes all of the enhancements that were previously made available on June 1st, 2020 via a temporary URL at https://bi.gofileroom.com. These enhancements include browser-independence, a new Home screen that provides a gateway to essential areas of the application, and a new Document Search screen that combines the existing Document Explorer and Index Search (Classic search) views in a single, modern page. These new features are now available from the primary URL at https://www.gofileroom.com.

We recommend updating to the latest version of the GoFileroom Client Add-in (v.20.0.5) as soon as feasible. The 19.0.4 version of the Client Add-in was the first one that supported the new technology necessary for the enhancements to GoFileRoom, which we communicated in previous User Bulletins and email notifications. To avoid major disruptions, all workstations must be using the GoFileRoom Client Add-in v.19.0.4 or higher. Typically, only the latest version and one prior are supported, but to allow you some flexibility around this upgrade, we're supporting the 19.0.4 version. For details, see GoFileRoom Add-ins.

Now, you’re able to log into GoFileRoom with the single https://www.gofileroom.com URL to work in the new browser-independent interface. After a period of time, the https://bi.gofileroom.com URL will be removed. In the meantime, please update your bookmark to make sure you're using https://www.gofileroom.com after this release, as we will not be maintaining the https://bi.gofileroom.com site.


  • Supported browsers include Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • GoFileRoom Client Add-in version 19.0.4 or higher.

Emailing documents

When using GoFileRoom in Internet Explorer, password protecting PDFs sent using the Email Documents Using Outlook > Native or Zip option is now working as expected.

Note: This only happened when all of the following conditions were true:

  • This was the first time a document was sent to email in an Internet Explorer session.
  • In the Administration settings, the Mandatory Password option was not enabled.
  • The document was sent from the Classic Search page.

With this release, we changed the way you send PDFs without a password. To do so, leave the PDF Password field blank and select OK instead of Cancel. Note that the Mandatory Password option must be disabled to bypass setting a password for the file.

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