GoFileRoom Release User Bulletin, 19 October 2020

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  • With this release, the Create New User API is now working as expected.
    • An error for invalid license type will no longer display.
    • Previously, new user logins could not be added if there was a "+" value in the name or email address. The use of a "+" value is now supported.

Classic search

  • The search results will now default to the user preference for ascending or descending order as expected. Previously, the results were defaulting to descending order.
  • Documents with a "+" value within the Description index will now export as expected.

Document search

  • Previously, the File Type column in the Document search grid results would sometimes display a tooltip that was not accurate for the associated file type. This is now resolved.
  • With this release, the Search results grid will automatically adjust as expected with resolution changes made in browser settings.
  • In some cases, when using a multi-select option in the Search Criteria the OK and CANCEL buttons were not available. This is now resolved.
  • Columns listed within the grid settings are now in the expected order.

Login page

  • The Contact Us link found on the GoFileRoom login page no longer displays a 404 error.

User administration

  • Password minimum and maximum character validation messages are now displaying as expected in Internet Explorer when the password entered on the Users tab does not meet the password criteria.

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