Current limitations in the browser-independent version of GoFileRoom

Alerts and notices

The following is a list of known issues and limitations in the browser-independent version of GoFileRoom that we are currently working on. We will update this list periodically.

View Documents

  • If you are using annotations in View mode, you must choose Save in the toolbar to save your changes prior to closing the view.
  • To save Stamp, Rubber Stamp, and attachment annotations, you must open them in Edit mode, as they cannot be applied to documents in View mode, as expected.
  • Currently, the following file types cannot be viewed.
    File types
    ac qbm
    ac_ qbw
    accdb qbx
    docm qby
    exe tvalue
    htm wav
    qbb zip

Notification Rules

  • Existing Notification Rules that were created via the legacy Home page (in Internet Explorer) cannot be viewed in the new Home page. All modifications to existing rules must be performed from the legacy Home page.

    Note: All alerts created from the legacy Home page (in Internet Explorer) are being generated as expected. If the same rules are created on the new Home page, then those alerts will be duplicated. To avoid duplication, we recommend that you wait for the original rules to be migrated to the new Home page in a future release.


To be able to edit files in GoFileRoom, you must install the latest GoFileRoom Client Add-in from Internet Explorer (v.19.0.4 or higher).

Document Search (New)

  • Text searches from the Index Search screen are currently not working as expected.

Document Explorer view

  • New saved searches cannot be created when you are in Document Explorer view.