Logging in to your CS Professional Suite applications when your mobile device is not accessible

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When you enable multi-factor authentication for your Thomson Reuters ID, you use a mobile device and a mobile app such as the Thomson Reuters Authenticator to sign in to your Thomson Reuters applications. If a staff member cannot access their paired mobile device, they can use one of their own emergency access codes to log in. If they don't have any valid codes generated and cannot access the mobile app,  they're prevented from logging in to applications on their own and need the firm administrator to generate a temporary code.

These steps apply to CS Professional Suite desktop applications only. For information on generating a temporary code in NetFirm CS or Virtual Office CS see Generating a numerical code for temporary login.

A Thomson Reuters ID administrator at your firm can generate a temporary code that will enable them to log in for 24 hours. To do so, complete the following steps.

Note: Enabling  multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your Thomson Reuters ID requires  a mobile device with the Thomson Reuters Authenticator application installed. Temporary codes are only valid for staff who have successfully completed the MFA setup steps. For details, see System and device requirements for multi-factor authentication.

  1. Visit the My Account page on our website and log in to your Thomson Reuters ID administrator account.
  2. Click the Manage Accounts link under the My Firm heading.
  3. On the Manage Accounts page, locate the row for the desired staff member and click Modify .
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the selected staff member and click the Get Temp 24hr Code button. The page will refresh and display the generated numerical code in a field directly below this button.
  5. Provide the generated code to the affected staff member. They can use this code by clicking the Enter a code link on the application login screen.

Note: As your firm's Thomson Reuters ID administrator, if your mobile device is not accessible contact our Support team to have a code generated.

If an admin with a Thomson Reuters ID or NetStaff CS account needs a temporary code generated for their log in, we can generate a temporary code on our end. For details, see  Internal: Generating a temporary MFA code for CS Professional Suite and NetStaff accounts.

With an active temporary code...

Disconnecting your paired mobile device  does not automatically disable multi-factor authentication for your account. If you disconnected your mobile device after receiving a temporary code, you can still access your applications via the following methods.

Temporary codes expire 24 hours after they are generated.