Multi-factor authentication FAQs - common questions for setup and use

Alerts and notices

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What is multi-factor authentication and how do I set it up on my account?

Who is required to use multi-factor authentication?

Can I disable multi-factor authentication if I no longer want to use it?

What multi-factor authentication options are available?

Mobile Device

What type of mobile device do I need to install the Thomson Reuters Authenticator app and use multi-factor authentication?

I do not have a mobile device. How do I set up and use mulit-factor authentication without using a mobile device?

How do I set up multi-factor authentication on a new mobile device or a factory reset device?

What if a staff member forgets or loses their mobile device?

How do I sign in if my device is not connected to the internet?

Why am I getting so many multi-factor authentication notifications on my mobile device?

How do I approve login requests on my smart watch?

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