System and device requirements for the Thomson Reuters Authenticator app

Alerts and notices

Thomson Reuters provides multiple options for multi-factor authentication (MFA).  Multi-factor authentication through the Thomson Reuters Authenticator mobile app provides the most complete integration with Thomson Reuters software and is the only MFA solution that includes push notifications to your mobile device when you log in to your Thomson Reuters applications.  

Thomson Reuters Authenticator mobile app system and device requirements

Examples of devices that meet the requirements listed above include the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite, RCA Android Tablet, iPhone and Amazon Fire tablet.

Important Note: Push notifications are not supported for the Authenticator app on Amazon devices at this time. To approve sign-in requests, first log in to your CS Professional Suite application. When directed to approve the sign in attempt in your application, open the Authenticator app and tap Generate Code. If an approve prompt does not appear in the Authenticator app, you can enter the six-digit code displayed on the device in the Enter code field during the sign in process on your computer.

When you enable MFA for your login credentials...

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