Upgrade Citrix Receiver client software if part of the server maintenance communication

Alerts and notices

With the most recent Citrix server maintenance, You will be required to upgrade your local Citrix Receiver client software so that you will be able to launch applications properly.

On the first day after the maintenance is complete, you will get prompted to update your Citrix Receiver client.  If you don’t get prompted and are using either Fire Fox or Chrome browsers, you will be unable to launch applications.  If that is the case, it will be required for you to go through the following steps to uninstall your current version of Citrix and download/install the new version. 

Steps to remove your current version and install the new version

  1. Open Program and Features via Control Panel on your machine.
  2. Highlight and uninstall the current version of Citrix Receiver and VO Citrix.

    If using the FileCabinet Virtual Office Print Driver, uninstall it after Citrix is uninstalled.

  3. Log into your NetStaff portal.
  4. Click the Applications link in the upper left.
  5. On the Applications page, click the Setup option in the upper right and click the option for Citrix.

    If using the FileCabinet Virtual Office Print Driver, click the FileCabinet CS Print Driver option in the same location after Citrix is complete to reinstall the driver.

  6. Follow the prompts to download the application somewhere on your machine.
  7. Once downloaded, double click and follow the prompts to install it.


    • Do not mark the checkbox to Enable single sign-on.
    • When prompted to add an account on the final screen, click the Finish button to complete the installation, no Citrix account is needed for this installation.
    • If you receive any error messages while uninstalling or are unable to install the new version of Citrix Receiver and open applications, uninstall Citrix using the Citrix Cleanup Utility External link . (What's this?) and attempt the installation again.
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Receiver updates

This version of Citrix will check periodically check for updates, Thomson Reuters recommends that you set your preferences not to notify you when updates are available.  Turn off update notifications by following the below instructions.

  1. Right click your Citrix icon in your systems tray and choose Advanced Preferences.
  2. Within the Advanced Preferences window, click the Receiver Updates link.
  3. Select the option No, don’t notify me.

Internal notes

This is in response to the recent setup of our new XenApp 7 Farm in AWS (Farm D).  This version of Citrix requires a new version of Citrix Receiver which can be downloaded and installed from the Applications page of the portal.  Please do not tell the user that this is a new XenApp farm…just that server maintenance was required thus prompting the upgrade of their Citrix Receiver.