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Reported Date Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
12/12/17 VO/SaaS N/A Notice 1/8/18

Screen flicker when attempting to enable Multi-Factor Authentication

Some users with a % or & in their password may experience a flickering screen when entering their password to enable MFA and the enable process will not complete.

Workaround: change the password to use a different special character and proceed with enabling MFA.

12/12/17 VO/SaaS N/A Notice 12/12/17 N/A

PPC Add-ins do not load or PPC Docs are read-only when accessed from Engagement CS or Workpapers CS

PPC Add-ins do not load or PPC Docs are read-only when accessed from Engagement CS or Workpapers CS.

Workaround: Start the Citrix Session by launching Word or Excel prior to opening Engagement CS or Workpapers CS to ensure that the PPC Add-ins load properly.

This situation may be user/profile specific. Please enter in a CF Request with the following:

  • Login Credentials and specific times WSAdmin may log in and investigate
  • Steps to duplicate
  • Specific title\doc they are launching
  • How are they launching it? i.e. from Checkpoint tools directly or adding through Engagement or Workpapers
    • Occurs with all engagements? Or specific engagements?
  • Is the user also loading the GFR Addin?
  • Was the workaround of launching word or excel first in their session successful?
12/7/17 Web Builder File Share, Onvio, Practice Forward or MyPay account N/A Notice 12/7/17 N/A

Linked Accounts Temporarily Disabled

Linked Accounts in Onvio have been proactively disabled for the time being in order to track down an issue. This can affect users with accounts linked to Web Builder File Share, Onvio, Practice forward or MyPay accounts. The Linked account dropdown will be unavailable when the user logs in and also during the registration process. If users contact Support about missing linked accounts, please send the following information to the TRTA Professional Platform Analysts group. Linked Firm IDs What Firm IDs were linked (ex: 999 linked to 123) Login (email address) with missing linked accounts

12/4/17 VO/SaaS Notice 12/4/17 How to access your CPE Certificate(s)

Did you know you can view or download your CPE Certificates for Thomson Reuters courses by logging in to your CS Web Account? For instructions, see Obtaining your CPE Certificate(s) via the My Account page.

11/28/17 VO/SaaS N/A Notice 11/28/17 N/A

Firm delegate and License PIN

As firms update their license PIN, update address, contacts, and other processes that require a Licensee, a Firm Delegate cannot be assigned in the absence of the licensee. The Firm Delegate option is only available for firms that are a NONA (non-accounting) type or an Enterprise type firm. For more details on firm types, see the Internal: Firm types article. For more information on the Delegate process, see the Modifying the firm delegate role article.

11/21/17 VO/SaaS N/A Notice 11/21/17 N/A

Virtual Office firms prompted to enter a license PIN

If you use Virtual Office CS, a license PIN is only required for CS Professional Suite applications you access locally. In some cases users may be prompted to enter a license PIN if their applications were not renewed early or could not be auto-renewed. In EMS, check that their application license is current. If so, regenerating their license will resolve this. To do so, navigate to Applications > License > Generate license.

11/14/17 VO/SaaS N/A Notice 11/14/17 N/A

Removal of keyfiles from VO and SaaS

WSAdmin is implementing a Citrix change that removes key files from VO and SaaS. Communicate issues through Web CF, if they appear. We are happy to announce a change in the Virtual Office Environment that should fix some legacy problems, improve the customer experience, and reduce the incoming support calls in the Web Services queue. After Wednesday (11/15/2017), new users will be created without any key files. Legacy users will convert to the new system after the first log into Virtual Office. This means that there will be a different approach to troubleshooting some of the older issues that renaming key files has fixed in the past. We believe that many of the problems our users have had will completely disappear, but it is difficult to predict new issues that might appear. We will be monitoring support through the CF and CPT shifts. It is important to note that the CF is the best first option for assistance. CPT should be involved if system changes need to be made in the background that includes file renames, restores/backups, and in depth account troubleshooting. If you aren’t sure which one to go to, please contact the CF, and they can direct you to CPT, if necessary. These changes are being made after consulting with Citrix contractors; who reviewed and recommended these changes to improve log in performance and reduce potential technical issues and incoming support calls. Additionally, these changes are being tested extensively before being deployed to the production environment.

11/9/17 VO/SaaS Resolved 11/9/17 VO / SaaS Stock Quotes Not Available For Access

VO / SaaS Stock Quotes are generating errors when trying to click on any stock symbols listed.

Our development team is aware of the issue and working to resolve ASAP. There is no ETA as to when this will be resolved.

11/8/17 VO/SaaS Notice 11/8/17 Barracuda spam quarantine emails are not being delivered

Barracuda spam quarantine emails are not being delivered to some Virtual Office CS Microsoft Exchange and Web Builder CS Email users. This does not impact all email accounts at a firm.

  1. Log in to their Spam Quarantine account by going to
  2. Click Preferences|Quarantine Settings.
  3. In the Quarantine Notification section, change the setting to “Daily” from “Never”
  4. Click the Save Changes button.

For more information, please see:

11/3/17 VO/SaaS N/A Notice 11/3/17 Notice Notification of CSA/CBS being removed from VO/SaaS on 12/31/17

Access to Creative Solutions Accounting (CSA) and Client Bookkeeping Solutions (CBS) on Virtual Office CS and SaaS ends on 12/31/2017.  If you have any Client Bookkeeping Solution (CBS) Clients you will need to transition them to Accounting CS as soon as possible to prevent your clients from experiencing any interruptions in service.

Accounting CS, Accounting CS Payroll and Workpapers CS™ replace the features and benefits of CSA. Here are some steps to complete before December 31, 2017:

1. Review the following resource: Transitioning From CSA to Accounting CS Services

2. Complete remaining client conversions now if you haven't already

3a. Ensure the safety of your historical data — here's what you need to know to move data off SaaS and store locally:

In addition, historical reports can be exported if there is no document system in place: CSA: Exporting Reports to Excel® Readable Format

3b. Here's what you need to know to move data off Virtual Office CS and install locally:

Backing Up Data From Virtual Office CS or SaaS Applications

For Virtual Office CS users, the instructions for installing applications from the website can be found here:

08/25/17 VO/SaaS ALL Notice 09/15/17 Notice RESOLVED: Display Issues with Microsoft Office Applications on VO/SaaS

We have had reports of many display issues on VO/SaaS with Office applications that was caused by a recent Microsoft Update. The update has been identified and has been removed and will be live after the 4am server reboots on Saturday, August 26, 2017. The current workaround is to move any Microsoft Office applications to your primary monitor. It may be necessary to close and re-open your Office applications after moving them to the primary monitor

Please log these calls as non-billable.

08/21/17 Virtual Client Office / Right Networks Resolved 11/7/17 Notice Right Networks login screen not displaying

When accessing Right Networks or Virtual Client Office, you may not see a login screen.  This issue has been documented and the proper parties are working on resolving this issue. The issue appears to only happen in Firefox and Edge. Try using Chrome or Internet Explorer until the issue has been resolved.

See IT1229555 for more information.

08/14/17 NetFirm CS N/A Notice 08/14/17 N/A

MS Exchange Data Understated on Space Usage Report (TFS 1168002) – Resolved

!!! Important: Note that the understated Exchange space usage issue means that some firms have been billed at a lower rate for space usage in past months.  This update will correct the space usage report and billing going forward.  We will not be retroactively billing firms for Exchange space.

Our Customer Service team is actively reaching out to Firms that may be significantly impacted by this correction so that they have awareness and can manage their MS Exchange Data pertaining to space usage going forward.

Firms that may be moderately impacted by this correction will receive an email notification also explaining the correction and linking to assistance on minimizing disk space usage.

We may receive calls from other firms that incur a small space usage charge due to the correction, or otherwise question the increase in their space usage.

Exchange data must be managed on a user by user basis.  A user can view their current space usage of their Exchange mailbox by right clicking on the Mailbox-<Username> in the Folder View of the left side of Outlook.  Choose Data File Properties, General Tab, and click the Folder Size Button.  This process will show real time space usage of the Mailbox.  Note that the space usage report is recalculated and updated every 7 days.

For tips/ideas about reducing Exchange mailbox size or reducing space usage for other programs to combat overage fees,  users should be directed to our online documentation for minimizing disk space usage.

07/27/17 NetFirm CS N/A Notice 07/27/17 N/A

NetFirm Admin Restore Utility not showing clients to Restore

This is a known issue for some firms using the Vo-csvnas-126 filer. If you are also unable to restore their data through the VO-Minibar, please visit the Web CF about manually restoring from snapshot. This call should be coded as an ADMIN Restore in Flash which is not billable. See TFS 1116576 for more information

07/18/17 Security N/A Notice 07/18/17 N/A

Lemonsoft Reply All Spam

WBCS Email or VO Exchange Customers receiving Lemonsoft spam should avoid replying to the email. Ignore the mail and create mail rules to automatically delete or route to Junk as desired. This issue is primarily Reply All spam. As such, the problem is no longer being caused by the original Lemonsoft sender, rather by legitimate recipients who are replying to the Lemonsoft distribution list with messages such as, “Stop. You are clogging our emails.” .

Additional Steps:

  • Add (yes that is lemonsofts not lemonsoft) to your personal blocklist in the Barracuda Spam Inbox. See
  • Create a mail rule to route all mail sent to to your Deleted Items, Junk Mail or a similar folder. See the Web CF or Web Builder chat room if you are unfamiliar with creating mail rules.
06/29/17 Security ALL Notice 06/29/17 Notice Phishing Email Scam

We have been made aware of a Phishing Email Scam that has been sent to some CS Professional Suite users. The Phishing Email asks for 'Re-Validation of Login Credentials'. This was NOT sent by Thomson Reuters. It is an attempt to trick practitioners into revealing their login information. Please do not click on 'Login' button in this email.

If you receive a call about this from a user send the Firm ID, contact name, email address, and details of the message received - including the email address the email address was sent from - to the Command Center.

06/28/17 Platform N/A Notice 06/28/17 N/A Responding to questions regarding Petya ransomeware

For users asking questions about this, here is the approved Thomson Reuters customer statement regarding Petya ransomware.

"Thomson Reuters takes the security of its global systems seriously. We are well aware of the latest, highly publicized, Petya ransomware attack that has impacted a number of organizations around the world, and our systems continue to function normally.

We are continually monitoring our systems to ensure the protection of our customers’ information and achieve consistent reliability of our products and services.

In the event customers experience any difficulties, they should contact their customer representative as usual.

06/13/17 Security TBA 06/01/17 Notice "Password request loop when attempting to disable multi-factor authentication
An issue has been identified affecting the ability to disable multi-factor authentication for some NetStaff CS users.
When disabling multi-factor authentication for your login credentials, after clicking the disable button you must enter your password. Some special characters, or combinations of special characters may cause users to be repeatedly prompted to enter their password, without successfully disabling multi-factor authentication. Development is aware and working on a fix
As a workaround, users can change the special character used in the password for their NetStaff CS login credentials. Finding the right special character or combination of special characters to resolve this issue can require several attempts. Users may also elect to leave multi-factor authentication enabled until a fix releases.
05/30/17 Notice 05/30/17 N/A "Reminder: Web Services price increase effective June 1, 2017

The 2017 price increase for web products - Virtual Office CS, Software as a Service (SaaS), Web Builder CS, and/or NetClient CS - takes effect June 1, 2017. The first invoice reflecting the price increase is on July 12, 2017. To view your billing statement, log in to your NetStaff CS® administrator portal, and go to Admin > Utilities > Reports and click Billing Report. For assistance discussing price increases, see Internal: Positioning tips for price increases.

A communication about the price increase was sent to the Web Admin on May 11, 2017. The communications sent varied based on product mix. To view a copy of the email a user received, use the Recent Firm Communication portlet available through MKT.

05/25/17 Security Fixed 06/01/17 Notice Resolved: "Unable to confirm password" error message when enabling or disabling multi-factor authentication via CS Web
The issue causing users to receive this error message when enabling or disabling multi-factor authentication for their CS Web account has been resolved. Users who cannot access their CS Professional Suite application or the website due to an inaccessible mobile device, should follow the steps for logging in when your mobile device is not accessable.
04/03/17 Security N/A Notice 04/03/17 N/A Customer Inquiries on Browser Security Messaging for Web Builder CS Sites

Note: note that this text should not be copy/pasted for external distribution by staff

Due to recent updates in certain web browsers, Web Builder CS pages (as well as many other sites across the web) are being categorized as “Not Secure” in certain circumstances. The security messaging is not a result of changes in Web Builder CS, but rather a move by these browser providers to elevate consumer awareness of the importance of online security.


  • Thomson Reuters takes information security and data privacy seriously, and is investigating these new browser warnings.
  • We are aware that certain browsers, specifically Chrome and FireFox, have recently changed the manner in which they provide security information about the pages a user is browsing.
  • While Web Builder CS web pages are themselves not secured via HTTPS protocol, the log in and connection to NetClient CS and the usage of our client portals is fully secure and utilizes the latest SSL encryption. Firms can be confident that clients that use their website to log into NetClient CS portals are doing so in a secure, private, and safe manner.
03/28/17 VO/SaaS N/A Notice 03/28/17 Notice Terminal Server Performance with UT16

When in a terminal server environment (including VO/SaaS) users can experience heavy delays and Not Responding messages with UltraTax 16. In Citrix Environments (Including VO/SaaS) the Not Responding state may affect multiple applications at once.

Note: that per the TFS Item listed below this issue is Fixed for UT17 forward, but is likley to remain for UT16.

Note: Normal troubleshooting for performance related issues is still necessary and recommended. VO/SaaS Firms: Similar behaviors may simply be the result of connectivity issues. Please ensure you are testing these firms connectivity via the following article prior to reporting them on the below TFS.
02/28/17 Application logins N/A Fixed 03/17/17 N/A CS Professional Suite Sign In Error: "Missing data required to reset password. Please try again."

If you use NetStaff CS login credentials to log in to your CS Professional Suite applications, this issue occurred after resetting your password via the Reset Password link in the application sign in screen. A fix was released on 3/16/17 to resolve this error.

After entering the temporary NetFirm password you received into the sign in screen of your CS Professional Suite application, you will be prompted to update your password via Log in with your NetStaff ID and the temporary password you received, you will be prompted to create a new password after signing in. You will now use the new password you created to access your CS Professional Suite applications. For additional information, see Password management for your CS Professional Suite applications.

03/14/17 VO/SaaS N/A Notice 03/14/17 N/A Emails sent from Outlook on VO/SaaS are delayed or not sending (not applicable to Exchange users)

1. You may be using old email settings. Please see the following topic for instructions on how to properly configure your POP3 account: Configuring Outlook 2016 to receive POP3 email in the Virtual Office CS or SaaS environment.

2. If you would prefer to send email from Outlook on VO/SaaS but not receive email, please follow the steps in this topic: Configuring a POP3 account to send only in Microsoft Outlook in Virtual Office/SaaS.

03/09/17 Security N/A Notice 03/9/17 N/A Update to internal procedures for change of address requests

In an effort to ensure requests to update demographic information are valid the following changes are effective immediately:

At this time CS Web accounts with administrative permissions can still make these requests. We can only accept requests submitted by the licensee. We are currently looking in to ways to restrict this.

03/06/17 Security N/A Notice N/A N/A Strengthen security for your firm and clients with multi-factor authentication

Did you know Thomson Reuters can offer even more advanced security options through multi-factor authentication? Many of the online accounts and software products that you use every day are currently protected by a login and password - multi-factor authentication adds at least one more layer of identity verification to that process.

We strongly recommend that you use multi-factor authentication to provide the highest level of security for you data. To get started, see Multi-factor authentication overview. For additional details about our strongly recommended security measures, see the Data Security for Tax and Accounting Firms page on our website.

03/06/17 Security N/A Notice 03/6/17 N/A Firm security – contacting the Incident Management group

When customers tell us that they were compromised, their identity was hacked, they’ve had a security breach, or any other indication that their information has been compromised, it is important to share this. Send any information you receive via email to Support - Incident Management. This team reviews that information to ensure old EFIN numbers are blocked, and takes necessary steps behind the scenes to make sure any compromised information cannot be used maliciously.

02/17/17 Security N/A Notice 2/17/17 N/A Reminder: Reset your password for your CS Professional Suite application login credentials

As a reminder, the password that you use with your CS Professional login must meet strength requirements as defined by the IRS and expire after no more than 90 days.

When your password is within three days of expiration you will receive a reminder in your application or in the NetStaff CS dashboard, depending on the credentials that you use. For details, see Password management for your CS Professional Suite application logins.

02/16/17 NetFirm CS 2017.1.0 Notice 02/16/17 N/A Multi-Factor Authentication now available for NetFirm CS

NetFirm CS now allows firm administrators to enable multi-factor authentication for NetStaff CS users and NetClient / Employee Self-Service / Web Employee users. Multi-factor authentication requires a mobile device with the Thomson Reuters Authenticator app, and adds an additional step to the sign-in process to help confirm a user’s identity.

Portal administrators can access multi-factor authentication settings by clicking Settings in the Admin pane. The settings in the Multi-factor Authentication section are defined below.

For more information about multi-factor authentication and the Thomson Reuters Authenticator app, please see Why Multi-Factor Authentication Matters on our website, and Multi-factor authentication overview in our Help and How-To Center.

02/16/17 NetFirm CS 2017.1.0 Notice 02/16/17 N/A "An unexpected error has occurred" browser error

With the 2017.1.0 release of NetFirm CS you may receive this message in your browser the first time reCAPTCHA attempts to display for your login. To resolve this error press CTRL + F5 to refresh your browser screen. If you use Chrome, you may also need to clear your browser's cookies and then close and re-open Chrome to resolve the error message.

02/04/17 NetFirm CS 2017.1.0 Fixed 05/18/17 2017.2.0 File Exchange activity report showing "Nothing to List"

When viewing the File Exchange activity report through NetFirm Administration you may see "Nothing to List". This error has been documented and the proper parties have been notified.

Please see this TFS for more information. TFS 1117404 Resolved on version 2017.2.0 on 5/18/17

01/27/17 NetFirm CS N/A FYI 01/27/17 N/A NetClient phishing email
If a user reports that they or their client(s) received a suspicious email about NetClient, refer the user to Protecting your firm and clients against phishing scams and instruct them to report this to the IRS. See the “Help Catch the Culprits – Report Phishing Attempts” section at the bottom of the HHTC topic for instructions on how to report.
1/11/17 NetFirm CS N/A Notice 1/11/17 N/A IRS Security Summit Alert: New Two-State E-mail Scheme Targets Tax Professionals

Per IR-2017-03, Jan. 11, 2017, the Internal Revenue Service, state tax agencies and tax industry leaders today warned tax professionals to be alert to an email scam from cybercriminals posing as clients soliciting their services.

01/04/17 NetClient CS 2016.1.1 Fixed 01/14/17 2016.1.4 Program Crashes when Attempting to Launch Client Access

This issue should now be resolved due to a Netfirm Update that was applied over the weekend

See TFS 1059058 for More information. There is an issue with missing directories and/or permissions that can occur with new Client Access setups. Dev is looking into a fix. In the mean time email CPT to manually correct this and add the firm to the TFS item. CitrixPortalTexh will need the Firm ID as well as the NetClient Hash ID.

To obtain the Netclient Hash ID: 1. Have the NetClient user, or a NetStaff user using the View Portal option, click on Applications in the NetClient portal 2. Mouse over the Accounting CS client access icon to find the user’s Hash ID

Code as Bug in Flash.

11/18/16 NetFirm CS 2016.1.0 Verified 02/15/17 TBD "Nothing to display" on Virtual Office Dashboard

We have reports that if a NetStaff user has ActiveSync enabled, their application icons may disappear from their Virtual Office dashboard and the message: "Nothing to display" will appear. It has been determined that this may be caused by placing a "+" or "%" character at the end of the password. Additionally, this behavior can also occur if the password for the account is greater than 22 characters.

Development is aware and looking into a fix for this.

TFS 1035461

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