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Alerts and notices

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Access the Online Product Status page, which reports the current status of the online product(s) your firm owns.

Reported Date Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
05/28/20 VO/SaaS All Verified 05/28/20 Fixed Unable to receive external emails in Virtual Office/SaaS Microsoft Exchange
We have identified an issue that is preventing some users from receiving external emails in Virtual Office/SaaS Microsoft Exchange. We are currently working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and will update the alert when we have more information

Update: This is now resolved.
05/20/20 NetFirm CS All Verified 05/20/20 Investigating Space Usage Report Issues
We have identified an issue, impacting some firms, that is causing the NetFirm CS Space Usage Report to not display accurate numbers. We are currently working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.
ADO 1794422

Once the fix hits prod, all companies will need to be recalculated, this will take a couple days. We are also working with the proper team(s) to ensure any inappropriate billing that was triggered is fixed.
04/06/20 WebBuilder CS All Notice 04/06/20 Notice COVID-19 Resources
We will be sending a special COVID-19 newsletter to all firms and their clients this week. The newsletter will only be sent to current monthly newsletter subscribers for firms that have Monthly Newsletter set to 'On'.
03/27/20 VO/SaaS All Fixed 03/27/20 Fixed Virtual Office/SaaS login issues

We are aware of issues logging into Virtual Office/SaaS and accessing applications. We are currently looking into the issue. Please visit our Online Status Page for more information.

03/23/20 All All Verified 03/23/20 N/A Communication & Posting Delay
We are currently experiencing delays with emails and email notifications being sent for CS Professional Suite, Onvio and GoFileRoom AdvanceFlow (including creation of portals, posting documents to portals, and eSigantures). You may see a delay of 4 hours receiving backlogged notifications. We are diligently investigating the issue to have it resolved as quickly as possible.
03/02/20 FileCabinet CS 2019.1.2 Verified 03/09/20 Investigating Scanning Causing FileCabinet CS To Close Down.
We are aware that some Fujitsu scanner models are causing FileCabinet CS to close down abruptly with no error message. From what has been reported to date, we are seeing that the fi-6130 model is most frequently causing the crashing.
Please check your version of Office to confirm that it is on version 12430 or an older version. If your version of Office is currenly on version 12527 or newer, please try another model of scanner as a workaround. 
02/29/20 Practice CS All Verified 02/29/20 Investigating Slowness in Practice CS
If you are experiencing slowness within Practice CS in Virtual Office/SaaS, please check you file locations under Setup>System Configuration>File Locations and make sure that each of the data locations point to the Y drive and their respective program data folder. If you would like some assistance with this, please call into support and we will be happy to assist you.
02/21/20 Webbuilder CS All Verified 02/27/20 Investigating ShareFile Accesss Denied message
If you are receiving Access Denied message while logging into your ShareFile portal from your Web Builder CS website, this is due to ShareFile implementing MFA for your account and the login form no longer working. Please go to and login there. MFA was forced on your account but not your client accounts. Your client's can still go to your Web Builder CS website and login fine. We are working with ShareFile on any possible resolution. We can also update your Web Builder CS website so that when the Client Login page is clicked it opens up and login there.
02/05/20 VO/SaaS All Verified 02/05/20 Investigating Cannot send emails using Outlook in Virtual Office
We are currently aware that some users are not able to send emails using Outlook 2016 in Virtual Office and SaaS. This issue affects users who are using POP and IMAP connections for their email. We are currently investigating this issue and are working diligently to resolve it.
Please refer to SNOW (Service Now) Ticket# RITM2186332 for more information.
08/22/19 All N/A Fixed 03/02/20 Fixed Black Bar When Printing To FileCabinet CS
When printing to FileCabinet CS, you may periodically see a black bar at the bottom of the FileCabinet CS Driver Documents window. We are investigating the issue and working diligently to resolve it.

Workaround In the meantime, you can hover your mouse around the border of the print dialog and resize the window. This process should remove the black bar. If this does not work for you, we have also seen where changing the DPI settings on all monitors will also mitigate this issue.

RESOLVED To fix this issue, please update FileCabinet CS to 2019.1.2

02/05/20 NetClient CS All Notice 02/05/20 Investigating Organizer /e-signature emails not reaching clients
We have numerous reports of Organizer /e-signature emails not reaching clients. There are several email providers that are blocking or quarantining these emails. The following is a list of known providers that are blocking these from reaching the client:,, and (roadrunner). We are working to correct the issue.  Web-based email systems such as,,, etc. appear to be allowing these emails to reach the clients. Consider using an alternate email address for client communications.
12/30/19 VO/SaaS N/A Investigating 1/3/20 Investigating Printing Stopping and Starting on VO Applications

Development is aware of some firms reporting issues with printing being slow or will start and then stop after a few pages.  This is mostly happening within 2019 UltraTax CS for tax returns and organizers.

Workaround: While Development continues to investigate this issue, within 2019 UltraTax CS you can do the following steps (not guaranteed to work for everyone).

Go to Setup > Office Configuration > Print Options and select the Page Layout and Shading button.

For tax returns, change Shading to None in the Gov't, Client, and Preparer tabs.

For Organizers, change Shading to None under the Organizer tab.

Go to Help | Repair | Misc and check “Minimize printer driver interaction. (Last resort for driver malfunction where every page is offset.)”

10/31/18 Platform Notice Notice 12/16/19 N/A Certificate or Socket error on a Thomson Reuters site

Thomson Reuters' certificate vendor has changed. As a result, you may receive a certificate error on a Thomson Reuters site. To clear the error and view our sites, work with your IT professional to complete the following steps:

  1. Apply any outstanding Windows updates to the machine(s) experiencing the issue.
  2. If your firm restricts automatic root certificate updates, add COMODO RSA Certificate Authority to your trusted root.

As a workaround, you can click the option in your browser to continue to the site after receiving the certificate error. The wording and location of this option varies depending on the browser.

01/24/18 ALL N/A Verified 01/24/18 N/A Phishing E-mail
There has been a confirmed phishing e-mail being sent to CS Professional Suite users from Below is a facsimile of the email being received.


Your account has been Approved, you are all set but do not forget to verify your CS Professional Suite Account.

CLICK HERE to verify your CS Professional Suite Account.

*Link Expires in 24 hours

If you speak with a customer that has received this e-mail, please contact the Support-Incident Management team.

06/28/17 Platform N/A Notice 06/28/17 N/A Responding to questions regarding Petya ransomeware

For users asking questions about this, here is the approved Thomson Reuters customer statement regarding Petya ransomware.

"Thomson Reuters takes the security of its global systems seriously. We are well aware of the latest, highly publicized, Petya ransomware attack that has impacted a number of organizations around the world, and our systems continue to function normally.

We are continually monitoring our systems to ensure the protection of our customers’ information and achieve consistent reliability of our products and services.

In the event customers experience any difficulties, they should contact their customer representative as usual.

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