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Complete these steps to add Links modules for NetClient CS or NetStaff CS users.

  1. In the Admin tab of the navigation pane, do one of the following.
    • Click the Links link in the NetClient CS section to add a Links module for clients.
    • Click the Links link in the NetStaff CS section to add a Links module for staff.

    Note: If you don’t see these links, you don’t have access to these areas.

  2. Click the Add button at the bottom of the Links Modules list.

    Note: If your firm has not yet added any Links modules, skip this step.

  3. In the Add Links module screen, enter the module name and description.
  4. NetStaff CS Links modules only: Designate the Links module as public or private.
    • Public: You must assign a group or user as the editor through module permissions.
    • Private: Each user controls the content of the module in his or her portal.
  5. Click the Enter button.

    Note: If you added a private NetStaff CS Links module, you are done. For NetClient CS Links modules and public NetStaff CS modules, complete the following steps.

  6. Click the Add Link button.
  7. In the Add Link dialog, enter a name for the link.
  8. From the Link Type field, select the appropriate type (HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP).


    • For NetClient CS, you can also select Forms CS from the list to provide clients with access to the Forms CS website, which provides a complete line of checks, tax forms, envelopes that are guaranteed to be compatible with items that companies generate from Accounting CS.
    • For NetStaff CS, you can also select Checkpoint or PPC Online Library from the list to provide staff with access to these resources through NetStaff CS.
  9. In the Link Location field, enter the website address. NetFirm CS enters the appropriate type in this field based on the choice you made in the previous step.

    Note: If you chose Checkpoint or PPC Online Library, the Link Location field is replaced by Login and Password fields. Enter the staff member’s login and password in these fields; they will not be required to enter this information when click the link in the Links module.

  10. Optional: Enter a link description.
  11. Click Enter.

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