Modifying a NetStaff CS user’s access to NetClient CS users’ QuickBooks data

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NetFirm CS administrators can give NetStaff CS users permission to administer profiles for users of QuickBooks, powered by Right Networks. NetStaff CS users who administer profiles can access QuickBooks data for all members of the profiles they administer.

It typically takes two business days after giving a NetStaff CS user administrative rights to a profile before the NetStaff CS user can view NetClient CS users' QuickBooks data.

Note: For information about assigning NetClient CS users to profiles, see Modifying a user's access to QuickBooks through Virtual Client Office, powered by Right Networks.

  1. In the Admin tab of the navigation pane, click the Users link in the NetStaff CS section.

    Note: If you don't see this link, you don't have access to this area.

  2. In the Users pane, enter any part of the NetStaff CS user's name or login in the Find field to locate the user and click the user's name. The information for the user displays on the right.

    Tip: Delete the entry from the Find field to view the full list of users.

  3. In the Permissions section, click the Enable button for Virtual Client Office (RN).
  4. Mark the Admin checkbox for each profile that contains NetClient CS user data that the staff member needs to view.


    • NetStaff CS users who are assigned to administer profiles can view QuickBooks data for all users in the profiles they administer.
    • To search for a profile, enter any part of the profile name in the Find field.
    • At least one NetClient CS user must be assigned to the data profile to activate admin access for the profile.
  5. Click the terms and conditions link and read the Terms and Conditions - Right Networks User Agreement.
  6. Return to NetFirm CS and mark the I agree with the terms and conditions checkbox.
  7. Click Enter.

After completing this procedure, please allow 24 - 48 hours for us to complete the necessary setup. When completed, the NetStaff CS user will have access to the data locations for the selected profiles.

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