Customizing the appearance of portals

You can select a header that provides the right look and feel for your firm, modify the firm information that appears in the header, and add your firm logo to the header.

  1. In the Admin tab of the navigation pane, click the Appearance link in the Utilities section.

    Note: If you don’t see this link, you don’t have access to this area.

  2. Do one of the following.
    • To upload a graphic to replace the entire portal header, skip to step 8.
    • To select a portal header and add text to the header through NetFirm CS, scroll through the header designs, click the header you want to use, and continue to the next step.
  3. In the Customise Header section, choose the text color and the alignment for the header text.
  4. Your firm name and address appear in the Line 1 – Line 3 fields by default. To modify the header text, mark the Override Text checkbox and enter the desired text.
  5. To change the point size of the text in the Line 1 – Line 3 fields, mark the Override Size checkbox and select the desired point size for each line.
  6. To change the format of the header text, mark the Override Style checkbox and modify the bold, italic, and underline settings.
  7. To display a different header for specific NetClient CS, NetStaff CS, or Employee Self-Service users, you must purchase a license for the alternate firm header and indicate which users should see the alternate header.
  8. In the Header Logo section, click the Browse button, navigate to the image file on your hard drive or network, and click Open. Then, click the Upload button.

    Note: You can replace the entire page header with an uploaded image. For best results with a variety of monitor resolutions, we recommend that you upload an image that is 2,495 pixels wide by 81 pixels high.

    Tip: To upload a different image file, repeat step 8.

  9. Mark the Use uploaded image checkbox.
  10. Click Enter.

    Tip: If the logo image doesn’t display correctly in the header, mark the Resize image to fit checkbox and click Enter.

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