Introducing NetClient CS to your clients

Alerts and notices

We designed marketing materials and videos to help you introduce NetClient CS to your clients.

NetClient CS Marketing Tool Kit

We developed a NetClient CS Marketing Tool Kit that can help your firm promote NetClient CS to existing and prospective clients.

The Marketing Tool Kit includes the following materials.

  • A NetClient CS video that you can upload to your website. This presentation is a multimedia alternative to the PowerPoint presentation and requires no customization. (After you download and open the ZIP file, open the ReadMe.htm file to learn how to upload the presentation to your website.)
  • A NetClient CS PowerPoint presentation that you can customize to meet your firm’s needs
  • NetClient CS brochures that you can order in packs of 50
  • Email and letter templates about NetClient CS and about the NetClient CS mobile app.
  • A Data Security fact sheet that you can customize to include your firm information and logo
  • A website badge that you can display on your website to show that your firm offers private, secure NetClient CS portals.

To view these marketing tools, visit the NetClient CS Portals Marketing Tools page in the Support area of our website. Note that you must log in to your Web Account to view this page.

To order the tri-fold statement stuffers or larger brochures, contact CS Customer Service by calling 800-968-0600.