Using the Log Off Applications utility

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The Virtual Client Office Log Off Applications utility searches for your Citrix sessions on the Virtual Client Office servers, and logs off any sessions that it finds. If an application has been unresponsive for a significant period, or if you receive an error when trying to launch a Virtual Client Office application, you can try to log off any Citrix sessions using this utility, and then re-launch your applications.

Note: This utility should not be used for closing your Virtual Client Office applications, because doing so may cause unsaved work to be lost. You should only use this utility if you cannot launch your Virtual Client Office applications.

When to use the Log Off Applications utility

  • If an application is not responding, you have allowed it sufficient time to complete any long-running tasks, and you believe it may be locked up
  • If, when launching a Virtual Client Office application, you are prompted that only one instance of the application is allowed, but you cannot access and close any other instances
  • If you experience an internet connection issue and cannot launch your applications upon reconnecting
  • If you receive a Citrix error message on a computer on which you have previously launched Virtual Client Office applications successfully

Using the utility

  1. If you are able to do so, save any work in your open Virtual Client Office applications and close them. Any unsaved work will be lost when the utility closes your applications.
  2. Launch the Log Off Applications utility from your portal.

    Log Off Applications icon

    Note: If you do not see the Log Off Applications utility in your portal, see Showing hidden application icons in the Virtual Client Office screen for more information.

  3. When the utility opens, enter logoff in the text field and click Continue.

    Note: Optionally, you may provide a reason for why you are logging off your applications, such as Locked up application or Disconnected and cannot reconnect. Click the + symbol to open the text field.

    The Log Off Applications utility searches for your open Virtual Client Office sessions and logs them off. This process closes all Virtual Client Office applications, whether or not they are responding. When the search is complete, you will receive a summary of the the log off attempt.

  4. Try launching your applications again.

If you still cannot launch your applications, contact your accountant or administrator.

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