Finding your Virtual Office CS portal hash ID

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Each Virtual Office CS suite user with permissions to access applications has a unique portal hash ID.  This identifies the user in Virtual Office CS and all CS Professional Suite and Microsoft Office Suite applications on Virtual Office CS. The portal hash ID will help you know which users are logged into different programs and which clients they have open. It is also helpful to know if you call into Web Services Support.

To find your portal hash ID, do the following:

  1. Log in to your NetStaff CS portal.
  2. Click the Applications link in the navigation pane and hover your mouse over any icon in the Virtual Office CS screen.
  3. A dialog opens that displays the hash ID.hash id dialog shown when hovering over application icons

Note: This ID is unique for each portal. If the portal is deleted and recreated, the ID will change. Renaming a portal does not change the hash ID.

NetStaff CS administrators can see a list of hash ID's in the User Accounts report.  See the Portal ID section of the user accounts report.  

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