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Engagement CS, FileCabinet CS, Workpapers CS and Fixed Assets CS all provide the ability to scan documents, using your TWAIN-compliant scanner, directly into the applications.

When scanning into a locally-installed application, many factors can affect the performance of the scan job: temporary files, memory on the computer, DPI settings, color settings, and more. When scanning into any Terminal Server (with or without Citrix) environment, including Virtual Office CS, those factors become even more important, and bandwidth also becomes a factor. The list below details recommendations from Thomson Tax & Accounting to help improve the performance of scanning into Virtual Office CS. (This list is not exhaustive, but rather contains the most commonly helpful tips.)

The following table gives a comparison on the size of a file if scanned in the different color modes and DPI settings.

The numbers are based on a 10 page 8.5" x 11" document. Although these numbers are tested, your scanner may cause slight variations in the file sizes.

Color Mode Black & White Black & White Color Color Grayscale Grayscale
DPI settings 100 300 100 300 100 300
File Size 1.21 MB 10.97 MB 27.5 MB 247.5 MB 9.2 MB 82.82 MB

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