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Use the Allocation window to enter detailed information or multiple items for most data-entry fields.

To open the Allocation window, do one of the following:

Double-click a data-entry field.

Select the cell of a data-entry field and choose Edit > Allocations.

Right-click a data-entry field and choose Allocations from the shortcut menu.


  • To add a new row of information in the Allocation window, choose Allocation > Add Item.
  • To increase or decrease the width of a column in the Allocation window, click and drag a column's left or right border.

Special information

Entering business activities


The name of the data-entry field is automatically entered in this field.

Note: To change the default description, select the description field and enter a new description.

Select Tp, Sp, or Joint in this field.


  • Items can be associated with the taxpayer and spouse only when the plan has a Joint filing status (specified in the Main > Summary tab).
  • This field is not available if the data-entry field you clicked to open this window is specific to the taxpayer or spouse.
  • Business activities: This field is not available in the Allocation window for business activities. You can select the taxpayer or spouse for a business activity when entering business activities.

Select the state code in this field.

Note: This field is not available for business activities.

Enter amounts for the open plan's alternatives and/or years.

Note: Planner CS displays these amounts, or their totals when multiple items are entered, in bold in the main data-entry window.

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