Entering an entire disposition

Alerts and notices

Use the following procedure to enter an entire disposition of an activity.

  1. While in a plan, click the Activities button.
  2. In the Activities list, highlight or add the activity for which you'll enter the disposition. 
  3. Click the Data Entry button.
  4. Mark the No checkbox in the Sold this year? field.

    Note: This field is applicable for a passive activity only.

  5. Click Yes or No in the dialog that opens. You might click Yes if the activity was already sold in order to remove future income for this activity, or click No to compare the results of disposing the activity in future years based on projected income. The activity will be considered disposed whether you click Yes or No.

The checkbox in the Sold this year? field is now marked Yes. To remove the disposition, clear the checkbox.

Once you dispose of the activity, Planner CS will release all current year and prior year suspended passive losses associated with the activity. If the activity is disposed of at a net overall gain, Planner CS will use the gain to offset passive losses from other activities.

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