Importing sales from UltraTax CS

Alerts and notices

When you import a tax return to Planner CS from UltraTax CS, the gain or loss from current year sales will transfer to either of the following locations.

  • Income > Cap G/L tab or Form 4797 tab
  • Activities > 8582 G/L tabs, if the sale is associated with a passive activity

The sales price, basis, and expenses will not transfer to Planner CS because there are no input fields for that information. Sales information from years other than the current year are also not included.

Installment sale

The gain from a current year installment sale will import to Planner CS. Current year payments and the current year gain included in income from prior year sales will not import to Planner CS. Enter the gain from the installment sale in the applicable fields on the Cap G/L, Form 4797, and 8582 G/L tabs.

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