Error: Operation is not valid because it results in...

Alerts and notices


You may see the following error message when exporting client data from UltraTax CS to Planner CS.

Error message

Operation is not valid because it results in a reentrant call to the SetCurrentCellAddressCore function


You may see this error message if:

  • UltraTax CS and/or Planner CS updates are available to install.
  • Planner CS has damaged program or system files.
  • Antivirus software or Windows permissions are causing environmental interference.


Complete these solutions in the following order.

Update software

Download and apply software updates for Planner CS and UltraTax CS.


Reboot your computer. If the error occurs on multiple workstations, reboot the server.

Review antivirus and permissions

Your firm's IT professional should create antivirus exceptions and apply the proper permissions.

Reinstall Planner CS

Follow the procedure in Reinstalling Planner CS.

Update plan list

Choose Tools > Update Plan List. Depending on the number of plans you have, this may take some time.

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